What you haven’t thought about yet for Black Friday

Winning Q4: Preparing for Black Friday

How can you boost your online sales?

Right now, you’re ramping up for the busiest time of the retail year – the holiday season. If you haven’t felt the excitement yet, you will soon. Retailers across the U.S., and increasingly so across the globe, fight to capture consumers’ attention to make their brand the shopping destination of choice. And why not? People shop for themselves, family and friends.  Convince people to buy from you once, then they will likely buy a second, third, and many more times.

With all the commotion and hurriedness preparing for the holiday season, most digital marketers and e-commerce leaders are busy trying to plan the upcoming campaigns and promotions. What are the messages and offers? What are we going to sell? But what’s not under consideration is the one critical factor that fuels this entire shopping season – why? Why are people shopping your brand? Many brands instinctively understand there is a competitive risk to not differentiating the customer experience. So they start narrowing the focus of their messaging, but this still doesn’t explain why Brian, or Meng came to your website in the first place.

Business leaders can get insight into how to capture consumers’ attention by engaging them on an emotional level by reading our Forrester Research executive summary. It provides the key take aways from our webinar titled, How Conversations are Shaping the Future of Online Shopping.

Rethink customer engagement to remain competitive

Every visitor that comes to your brand’s site has arrived because they’d been inspired. Inspired by something, or someone. Your goal is to figure out what exactly it was that got them inspired. It is one of the unique drivers for the entire season….kids sitting on Santa’s lap to let him know what they want for Christmas, and why. Before you sketch out your next big idea – take a look back to understand what’s inspiring your customers. They’re looking for that inspiration again – that’s why they’re at your doorstep. Give it to them, and you’ll see the magic work.

The power of a conversational experience

The easiest way to engage with your customers is through a conversation. The most natural form of communication: you figure out what your customers are looking for, and help them find what they need. iAdvize tailors unique, personalized 1:1 conversational experiences for high-value consumers so that those browsers become your customers. If you’re interested – reach out and let’s talk.

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