[White Paper] Customer Experience and Mobile Commerce in Online Tourism

Digital devices have become an intrinsic part of planning our journeys. Smartphones, tablets and computers never leave our sight. Digital is embedded in our daily lives: we look for leisure activities, compare offers, share pictures online, etc. This trend has also conquered the travel sector for quite some time. Travel is one of the industries that are determined to turn digital use into a driver of growth for their activities.

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Impress consumers and stay ahead of the competition

Communication messages in the travel sector are around selling the dream vacation to customers. Brands from this sector promise a complete change of scenery. Their communication campaigns mostly rely on digital and modern content that is heavily shared on social media. Videos filmed by drones, virtual reality, etc.: brands try to be creative to attract the maximum of prospects. To retain their digital audience and transform them into customers, brands from the travel sector now rely on eCommerce. The term ‘‘eTourism’’ is widely used and this proves that this industry is a big part of global eCommerce. In 2015, 31% UK consumers used a general booking holiday site (ABTA, Holiday Habits Report, 2015).

Provide customer service that meets your customer expectations

Customer service is a critical success factor for market players from the travel sector: digital solutions need to be built around customer service to provide an optimal and omnichannel customer experience. While the boundaries between physical and digital trade are increasingly blurred, brands understand they have to get the best possible customer service tools. In this white paper, we will highlight these tools: among them, conversational commerce aims to bring back a human touch at the heart of customer service. iAdvize’s activity is historically linked to the travel sector. We work with more than 70 brands from this sector and help them provide an optimal customer experience.

[White Paper] Customer Experience & Mobile Commerce in Online Tourism

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