[White Paper] Fashion & eCommerce: the rise of social commerce

Fashion is the first eCommerce sector in terms of volume and second in value. The fashion industry crystallizes itself all the challenges that online sales must overcome quickly: omnichannel, social selling, Big Data, ubiquity, seasonality but also collaborative commerce… It’s one of the most challenging sectors when it comes to innovation, mobile and social influencers.

‘‘Online consumers tend to have the same behavior in both digital and physical stores: window shopping and scounting for clothes’’

For online retailers, it’s all the more opportunities to engage with visitors and facilitate product discovery by providing various paths to access items: social media, conversational platforms, advice, links…

The challenge for eCommerce stores is to compete with physical stores. In addition to editorials, videos and tutorials, brands are starting to use the increasing power that online influencers now have. These it-girls, followed by thousands of people, regularly post products on Instagram and they are paid to do so. Their compensations are based on the number of purchases generated by their post. It’s a precious strategy for brands since it’s a much more effective acquisition leverage than digital advertising, often ignored by web users.

The challenges and innovations you will find in this white paper all lead to the same conclusion: multichannel customer service in real-time is now key to support online retailers’ growth in the fashion industry.

White paper: fashion & eCommerce, the rise of social commerce

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