[White Paper] How market players in the banking sector use the iAdvize platform

Just like any other industry, the banking sector is experiencing changes due to the consumer purchasing behaviour. Technological innovations are disrupting the way people buy and communicate. Digital technologies have an impact on every step of the buying journey: access to bank accounts, subscription to new contracts, interactions with customer service, etc.

The future of the banking sector is digital, and banks are already thinking digital. On average, the number of online subscriptions to banking products doubled between 2010 and 2014.

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Touch points preferred by online shoppers during their buying journey

Source: Solucom “Bank Insight 6”

A subscription package progress, history of customer support tickets, a sponsorship campaign, the last contact via chat with the bank, the source of website visitors are examples of data used by banks to manage their relationship with customers.

It’s difficult for brands to face this challenge because they have to find the perfect tool that will enable them to autonomously manage all the interactions they have with customers while being efficient and innovative on their market and gaining the most ROI. But digital challenges are too complex and evolve too quickly for one single solution to always be the leader.

Integration and APIs are key for a progression from principles to practice. Therefore, it’s important to know the providers and partners’ API availability and their capacity to align their strategy with other market players.

The banking omni-channel customer experience

Going to a local bank branch can be time-consuming as this often implies waiting. Therefore, banks also provide their customers with the possibility to carry out banking operations online.

Customer experience has now become the main priority for banks. That’s why iAdvize helps 16 key players from the banking sector to enhance their real-time online customer service. When it comes to the volume of contacts, banking is the third major sector that uses iAdvize.

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