[White Paper] The new customer service challenges in the jewellery industry

In recent years, digital has spread across all industries. Some of them remain nervous when it comes to implementing their business strategy online, including the jewellery industry. With some exceptions, brands are more present on the Internet as advertisers than sellers, and they are not always positioned as eCommerce websites. Discover the trends and the new customer service challenges in the jewellery industry

The jewellery industry: a market lagging behind when it comes to the internet

High levels of expertise and customer service are required on the Internet. Brands prefer not to take the risk of neglecting the often high-quality positioning they maintain in their physical stores. This is one of the main challenges of the jewellery industry: to quickly adapt to the Internet, catch up on a very competitive market and provide the same quality of service online and offline.

A constant need for expert advice

The jewellery industry has specific sales characteristics: the premium priced products are aimed at a particular type of customer, who needs reassuring. Also, there is a contradiction between the physical limits of eCommerce and the enthusiasm generated by the product. Premium products require assistance during the customer’s decision-making process. Substantial expertise is required, and an agent should always be available when consumers have questions. Brands like Adamence in the luxury industry, or Maty, a brand more specialised in the mass market, don’t consider the digital trend a risk, but an opportunity. Thanks to iAdvize, these brands are able be connected to their customers by offering them a premium online customer service experience.

In this white paper, you will learn about the new challenges of online customer service in the jewellery industry. After benchmarking all the iAdvize customers in this market, we will talk about the channels they use, their global results and the Maty and Adamence success stories.

White paper: the new customer service challenges in the jewellery industry

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