[White Paper] Beauty: The new challenges of the online customer experience

Even if the beauty industry is a growth market, it experiences a lot of major challenges. Strongly challenged by the arrival of new market players, such as pure-players, the market gets increasingly segmented and faces more demanding users in terms of quality and personalisation. Thus, the beauty industry has to be agile, innovative and at the top of its game when it comes to customer service. In this white paper, discover the trends, new challenges and a benchmark of the online beauty industry. 

Trends of an ultra-connected sector

Historically, the beauty industry is not the most active sector in the eCommerce industry. For a long time it was reticent to take the plunge as it would damage the experience encountered in stores by digitalising the purchasing journey. Today, in addition to the exponential growth of eCommerce, consumers have become connected experts. According to a 2016 CCM Benchmark study, before making a purchase, consumers take the time to research into products and brands. Thus, with about 47% of women who buy beauty products several times a month (on all types of channels) with an average budget of 20-50 euros, there is a real demand for online customer service.


Influencers and communities, levers of customer engagement

These enthusiasts, true businessmen and businesswomen, manage to establish an intrinsic link with web users. Thus, they take up position between consumers and brands with a strong engagement potential. Influencers are constantly juggling between their activity on social media, the management of their website or blog and their partnership with brands.
As thought leaders, they have a significant impact on the buying behaviour: 71% of consumers are likely to buy an item based on social media referrals.

Beauty: the new challenges of the online customer experience 

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