[White Paper] 3 best practices for B2B online customer service

The market is calling out for change, B2B online customer service must evolve! A report published by Forrester in December 2014, highlighted the key trends in B2B eCommerce. The leading trend they identified was the growing demand for B2C-like B2B eCommerce experiences. The white paper “B2B and Online Customer Service” looks at best practices and success stories of B2B companies that have chosen to make real-time online customer service a true success factor.

Here are three tips to ensure your business succeeds too!

#1 Define your objectives

According to a study carried out by the Aberdeen Group, an American research company, B2B players use Click to Chat
at different stages of the prospect cycle:
• Marketing : raising awareness – 29%
• Marketing : lead generation and conversion – 39%
• Sales : first phase commitment – 32%
• Sales : intermediary phase commitment – 24%
• Sales : transaction confirmation – 18%
• Aftersales, support, upselling, customer retention – 39%

Once you have determined your objectives, you need to quantify them clearly. How many contacts per month? What level of customer satisfaction? Conversion rate? “We chose to set ourselves high targets from the very start. It’s rewarding for our agents, who are very much at ease writing, and have a real love for innovation and a challenge,” explains Marie Amiot,
Head of Sales and Customer Service at EBP.

#2 Bank on your expertise

Don’t choose your Click to Chat-dedicated agents purely because they seem to understand social networks and instant messaging! These are certainly qualities which will help them to be effective and reactive. But the high demands for knowledge and expertise in B2B should also impact who you choose as your chat agents. Good product knowledge coupled with a real customer and sales focus are essential. To successfully help your prospects, your online sales agents must be capable of holding a reasoned, persuasive conversation, and seizing the opportunity to transform a prospect who is considering your services.

#3 Be reassuring

The high number of decision-makers in B2B negotiation processes often makes them longer and more complex. Click to Chat is the ideal channel for providing information in a simple, direct, more informal way. Seize this opportunity to let your prospects experience your customer service, the benefits of which will also be felt during interactions through other customer communication channels. “When we sell B2B services online, for a fairly high fee, a small detail can become a real obstacle. We therefore need to be proactive when it comes to providing personalised advice about the services which are easy to sell online,“ explains Guillaume Louët, Director of eCommerce and Lead Generation for Monster.

Download this white paper to discover more tips, success stories and results to succeed with your B2B online customer service.


Download the B2B Online Customer Service white paper


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