WhatsApp is integrated within iAdvize’s full-stack platform

By integrating WhatsApp within its platform, iAdvize enables brands to communicate with their customers via the most popular mobile messaging application worldwide.

The integration of WhatsApp within iAdvize enables online shoppers to contact a brand’s customer service team directly in the WhatsApp discussion thread and allows then to ask questions via private messages. Customers can find all past exchanges in one single place as a result and can have straightforward, quick and convenient conversations direct with brands and retailers.

After being the first platform in Europe to offer Messenger as a touchpoint to brands, we also wanted to enable them to support their customers and prospects via WhatsApp.  As the most popular messaging app in several European countries and many emerging countries, it was important for us to offer this platform to our users and enable retailers to provide their customers with a conversational experience wherever they are, at any time.’’ Julien Hervouët, CEO of iAdvize.

It has never been easier to contact a brand

No matter what device an omnichannel customer chooses to use, where they are using it from and at what time of day or night, this integration with WhatsApp means that they will be able to instantly contact the customer service team with any queries that may arise throughout their buying journey. Shoppers simply add the number to their contact list and they then can interact via messaging with a customer service representatives at any time. Customer service agents connected to the iAdvize platform receive questions on the discussion panel and, just like with any other WhatsApp conversation, they can enrich the conversation with images, attachments and emojis, to enhance the customer experience and deliver richer brand encounters. 

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in Europe

Offering the option of contact via WhatsApp to their customers presents a strong opportunity for brands, especially for those with an international clientele: WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in Germany, Spain and Italy. In the United-Kingdom, WhatsApp is also ahead of Facebook Messenger, an app that was integrated within the iAdvize platform in April 2016.

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All messages are handled from the iAdvize platform

The integration enables brands to handle all WhatsApp messages from a single platform, meaning customer service agents can handle several conversations at the same time, whether they come from WhatsApp or other contact channels. With the reporting interface, the customer service team can evaluate their performance with more than 150 indicators which measure the satisfaction related to WhatsApp’s use by customers, such as, occupancy rate, speed of response and average handling time.

WhatsApp integrated within iAdvize's full-stack platform

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