What is Conversational Marketing & how are House of Fraser using this?

One of our engagement specialist, Francois Hotte had the pleasure of taking part in a live webinar with Stephen Brennan, Contact Centre Support Services Manager at House of Fraser. Stephen is responsible for actively managing House of Fraser’s contact centre strategy and innovation to deliver a first-class experience for all customers.

During this webinar, we had an exclusive look at how House of Fraser uses conversational marketing to deliver a premium customer experience online, and why conversational marketing is set to be the next frontier in ensuring customers engage positively with your organisation. Below are key insights from the webinar and best practices from House of Fraser on delivering a conversational marketing strategy. We also take a sneak peek into their future plans on using beauty experts to chat with visitors on their website.

The House of Fraser and iAdvize collaboration: a 90% customer satisfaction rate 

When House of Fraser began working with us here at iAdvize their primary objective were to reduce the volume of emails, improve first time resolution and increase their customer satisfaction score.

“Emails were our lowest performing channel in terms of customer satisfaction, below 70% and so we looked to digital channels to solve this problem. Since implementing real time messaging, customer satisfaction rates have increased to 90%”
Stephen Brennan, Contact Centre Support Services Manager at House of Fraser

Stephen highlighted the importance of Digital Touchpoints for House of Fraser, ensuring that
they are “offering customers a true channel of choice”.

“Digital is important and as more and more customers are using these channels, customers expect instant, quick responses and do not want to wait around. We want to give customers a true channel of choice.”

Combining a live chat solution with Messenger to boost conversion rates 

Previously chat made up  5-10% of the contact share at House of Fraser (2nd smallest channel after social) Last year at peak House of Fraser saw a 41% contact share across chat and social, with social increasing due to the introduction of messenger.

“Messenger has grown phenomenally, it has really taken off, the customers love this and have really adopted this form of communication. When a customer is chatting on the site we see that the average order value is 23% greater than the average across the overall site.“

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iAdvize’s community of independent experts, House of Fraser’s 2018 secret weapon to connect online visitors with authentic beauty experts

Stephen Brennan went on to reveal some exciting new plans for 2018 and beyond, including the introduction of the iAdvize peer to peer service.
iAdvize provides businesses with an on demand pool of experts used to provide assistance to visitors online, 24/7. 

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House of Fraser’s peer to peer mission 

Beauty is a category that can account for up to 50% of online sales for House of Fraser and so they are looking to maximise this by working with iAdvize to select experts who have strong expertise in beauty and are passionate about this topic.

“The average order value is currently around £80 and as we look to increase this we want to provide a peer to peer service to put people in touch with individuals who really have the knowledge and authentic advice – It would be an inefficient proposition to staff internally given the breadth and depth of knowledge and most importantly we think that iAdvize’s community of independent experts will add a great premium service to beauty customers and website visitors”

Overall Stephen explained how their real time, digital engagement strategy has reduced operational costs, increased in revenue and increased customer satisfaction.

Hear more from Stephen Brennan on how they will incorporate Chatbots into their 2018 customer engagement strategy by visiting the on demand webinar link. 

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