What is Click to Call?

“Click to Call” is one of the tools which is having a deep impact on relations between internet users and companies with an online  presence.

Nobody likes waiting online. Especially when you need the answer to a question before checkout, or worse, when an error occurs during the payment phase.

Thanks to Click to Call, when website users have a question or face a problem, all they have to do is click on the click to call button, enter their telephone number and a customer support operator will ring them back immediately, for free.

Simple, instantaneous, free

Today, nearly 70% of online buyers say they that online support is important to them of which 20% consider it to be very important, with 3 key expectations: as fast as possible, free, and simple to use. 

Offering users Click to Call is promising to live up to these 3  expectations when it comes to online customer support.


In 2013, 30% of companies will be equipped with Click to Call

Today, 12% of companies questioned by CCM Benchmark have  already implemented a Click to Call system and 18% have planned to deploy one in 2013, accordig to a study carried out by CCM Benchmark, CCA International and the FEVAD (French ecommerce and distance selling union).


Click to Call increases sales

The strong growth of this online support channel is not surprising when you consider the fact that a transaction is 100 times more likely to be transformed if the visitor is called back within 5 minutes after requesting the call and that the average order value of visitors who use Click to Call is 20% higher than those who have not received assistance.


Click to Call improves customer satisfaction

For users, Click to Call seems to be the online support system with the highest percentage of positive feedback, with 56%. This figure can be explained by the fact that Click to Call increases problem solving  from the first call by 15% on those websites who offer it.

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