What are the qualities of an excellent Chat agent?

An excellent chat agent is:

N°1: human (not a robot!)

Man or woman, 18 or 59 years old, left or right-handed,…
None of this matters, as long as they’re human! 

N°2: expert

Having good knowledge of your products and services is the only way to satisfying your clients.
It is really important to be aware of the processes, advantages and problems if you want to give your customers quality support.

N°3: headstrong

In order to reduce reluctance towards using a new and unfamiliar channel and to encourage other operators to use chat, chat operators should be people with a strong sense of initiative.

N°4: customer-centric

The customer is right, no matter how complex or unusual the request may be. Excellent listening skills should be the chat operator’s top quality so he can understand and meet the customers’ needs. 

N°5: responsive

An operator is expected to deal with several discussions at once and answer a customer’s first message within 15 seconds and thereafter within 45 seconds. Being fast in carrying out different tasks (finding the right product, checking availability, sending a link, etc) has a strong positive impact on customer satisfaction.

N°6: salesperson

Chat operators should be able to give customers advice, lead them towards check-out and seal the deal. They will not forget to create an atmosphere prone to sales, upselling, cross-selling and any other tools which will help achieve performance.

N°7: typing geek

The operator should be able to type at least 60 words a minute and use all the iAdvize features with ease.

N°8: spelling star

The user’s experience should be flawless. When it comes  to written customer relations, operators need to get straight to the point and sentences should come quite naturally to the chat agent.


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