[Webinar] Improve Your Customer Service Strategy & Results

Customer service is undergoing continuous change: new technologies, new channels, increasing international demand and ever-growing customer’s expectations are opening up fantastic new possibilities. But these new possibilities also imply new challenges for your business. And it should not overwhelm you in any way. You just need directions to seize the opportunity and improve your customer service strategy and results. But how?

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Sales Supply, IMImobile and iAdvize have joined forces by combining all their savvy knowledge in customer service to build a free webinar they invite you to attend on the 18th of April. The aim of this webinar? Frank Van den Berg, Fran Langham and Matt Cooper will give you an insight into the latest customer service innovations and give you best practices to help you boost your customer service results.

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In this webinar you will learn

–  How to improve your customer service quality, reduce costs and time to market by offering multilingual contacts to your audience.
– How to reduce the cost and complexity of digital service across IT, Marketing and Customer Support and enhance the customer journeys and customer experience you provide your audience with.
– How to engage your visitors on their digital channel of choice and provide them with authentic advice through the use of independent experts, 24/7.

Register to attend the webinar right here.

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