Video rebirth: a new technology for a better experience

The video call feature is a historical touch point at iAdvize. Released in April 2013, Click to Video has enabled our customers to offer a different, premium and more accessible customer experience. For example, our customers can provide their visitors with client support for sign language via video

In the last three years, video continued to grow with the messaging trend. It is now at the heart of the customer experience provided by platforms such as Skype, Messenger or, more recently, WhatsApp. The video solution remains an essential element of our conversational commerce platform with text and voice. It is used by our customers across all countries and industries.

But in three years, technologies have evolved and the video channel was getting obsolete for some of the online visitors. Also, our customers’ user experience on this channel didn’t evolve the same way as other channels.

Therefore, during the last iAdvize ShipIt Day, one of our teams chose to make some changes on this channel.

A new video technology

The first major change was switching from the Flash solution to webRTC. webRTC is now standard for online video conversations and it’s compatible with all web browsers, on all devices. Even Apple is working on native support for iOS.

This is an important step forward as it enables us to ensure the same experience for all online visitors, no matter which device they are using.

A better experience

WebRTC enables us to offer a better experience to visitors and agents: they have more flexible options about what they share and don’t share with their contact. Thus, they can decide to deactivate their webcam or mute their mic whenever they want during the conversation. In one single click, they can also reactivate it to continue the conversation.

It’s also an important step in terms of privacy because it enables visitors to use this service even if they don’t want to be seen by agents.

The ShipIt Days were also an opportunity to review all interface elements for agents in order to harmonise them with the rest of their discussion panel and for us to abide by iAdvize’s experience standards.

Testing video on the iAdvize and ibbü mobile apps

In the next few weeks, we are going to test video calls on our mobile apps to enable agents and ibbü experts to support visitors even when they are on the move. They have all features on the web on their smartphones.

The deployment of webRTC will be done progressively for our customers starting with 30 November. The test for the mobile version will start in December with some of our users and will progressively spread to all our customers in the next few months.

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Simon is Product Marketing Manager at iAdvize

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