[Interview] Peter’s experience as an online shopper

What do you buy online, why and how often?

I generally buy online when I’ve already got a good idea of what I’m looking for. It could be anything from clothes, shoes, sport and fishing accessories… I buy online because it’s easy and allows me to select from a large choice of products and buy at the best prices. I buy online at least once a month!

What was the last thing you bought online?

A pair of summer shorts on the NEXT website!

What do you expect from customer service? and when it’s online?

In general, I expect customer service to be helpful with technical support when necessary as well as friendly and polite. Online, I expect to be guided in terms of choice of product, in terms of size, etc…I expect them to help me and to enable me to buy the right product as quickly as possible at the best price in the best conditions. I also feel the need to be reassured regarding the security of the payment.

How long do you expect to wait before you get an answer to your question?

Sometimes I order over the phone when I have a question about the product. It’s true that if I have to wait for too long (more than 10 mins) to get through to somebody, I put the phone down and end up not ordering anything from the website at all!

What was your best/ worst experience of online customer service and why?

The best was last Saturday, with the pair of shorts I bought on the NEXT website. On Sunday, my shorts had already arrived! Really impressive. I’m also very happy with the product.

The worst was with a famous coats brand. I had bought a very nice and to be honest, expensive coat for my wife for christmas! But it never actually arrive! Despite calling and trying to get in contact with customer services, I never got my money back and no one ever got back to me. It was very disappointing.

To what extent does the quality of customer service impact your decision to buy? What can put you off when buying online?

The more I will feel guided by somebody who is available to answer my questions and help me find the right product, the more I am likely to buy! If I don’t get that guidance, I can definitely be put off completing the purchase.

Which online communication channels do you prefer/ use most often? And what about live chat?

The channels I use most are email and phone. With regards live chat, I think it’s a great way to get a quick answer ! I haven’t actually used this communication channel before but if I get the opportunity, I definitely won’t hesitate!

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