U.K. automotive sector is outperforming comparable industries in online communications with customers

A digital excellence study by marketer Auto Trader finds 37% of consumers scored the automotive sites a nine or 10, placing the sector above the cross-industry average of 35%. Source: WARDSAUTO (July.2017)

The leaders of the automotive industry have taken the measure of new buying practices online and the importance of integrating a digital strategy at the heart of their customer experience. With this in mind, real-time engagement and support allow car manufacturers to position themselves as pioneers. On average, the Top 5 car manufacturers that use iAdvize obtain an average satisfaction rate of 89% after a chat.

Customer service is key for the transition of the automotive industry

It is the auto companies that will have to develop a new service – and data – driven business models together in one ecosystem, placing the customer at the centre
Dieter Becker, Global Chair of Automative (Source KPMG Jan.2017)

80% of executives from the automotive industry are convinced that connectivity and digitalization will strongly disrupt the auto industry by the end of this decade. Only 33% of executives believe ownership of the customer relationship lies with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Attracted by the shift in customer preferences, the importance of the new trends, and the global automotive market’s massive size and value-creation potential, technology players are making their way into the sector³:

BMW’s challenge: provide premium customer service, in the image of their vehicles

In order to offer a unique experience to their prospects and customers, BMW first chose Click to Call. It shows all visitors a window which allow them to give their number in order to be called back by an agent. For the BMW i models, the Click to Chat service is also offered. Thanks to the flexibility of the iAdvize tool, behavioural targeting has been set according to vehicle models.

While 56% of web users seek information online before purchasing their vehicle, providing real-time support allows BMW to accompany their customers and prospects in their first phase of selection and to initiate the trusting relationship required for this kind of expensive acquisition.

Renault Retail’s challenge: provide an innovative support, generate new leads and improve customer satisfaction

Thanks to iAdvize, Renault Retail Group offer Click to Chat on their website, with chat agents and the possibility to be called back by leaving your number (Click to Call). The service is provided for desktop and mobile usage.

“We deployed iAdvize to guide, accompany and advise website visitors, to remove friction in their browsing and generate more leads”
Audrey Heiser, e-commerce manager for Renault Retail Group

A process has been implemented in order for chat agents to better guide prospects and customers. To do this, chatboxes are offered to web users whose behaviour (number of page viewed, time of visit, etc.) indicates a need of support or advice. This way, a chat agent trained in the use of chat can guide the web user towards the right solution: form, scheduling an appointment in a dealership, etc.

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Automobile and mobile, a proactive engagement to attract more volatile customers

Consumers turn to digital—especially mobile—as they shop for a car. European manufacturers are aware of this new reality and have also already integrated a mobile journey in their engagement strategy. This way, Renault Retail’s responsive mobile site offers the same functionalities, with an optimised interface and the appropriate behavioural targeting. With shorter navigation time on mobile, Renault Retail give priority to the Voice canal and offer chat to visitors browsing on the contact page.


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