Thanks to ibbü, TUI provides its customers with authentic advice

TUI is the first tourism business to entrust its pre-sales customer service to people who are passionate about the Marmara brand. Ever since the ibbü launch on the Marmara website, ibbü experts have already received 90% satisfaction rate after a chat conversation. 

Marmara has been using the ibbü service for the last 4 months to answer questions from online shoppers on their travel website and supplement the efforts of their customer service team. Now, online visitors can chat in real-time with the ibbü experts and ask questions about the Marmara holiday options via chat. Thanks to this service, visitors receive a premium experience as this support is authentic, real-time and available 24/7. Most importantly, it is offered by people who are familiar with the brand and love it.

“Nowadays, travel websites miss out on more than 50% of contact opportunities to convert online visitors into customers. This happens because 60% of reservations take place during the evening or at weekends, when customer service teams are often reduced in size and less available. We are proud to provide TUI with a solution which offers their customers authentic advice in real-time. Our conversational commerce platform can help travel websites deal with customer service challenges,” says Julien Hervouët, CEO & Founder of iAdvize

Read the Marmara success story to learn more about how ibbü can help eCommerce websites from the travel sector resolve their customer service challenges.

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How does it work?

  • ibbü curated savvy enthusiasts, specialised in the travel sector based on their expertise and professionalism. The ibbü experts can answer any questions online shoppers might have about the Marmara holiday deals and support them in their purchase journey. A quiz has helped us evaluate their level of expertise and sales instinct. iAdvize takes care of selecting, training and developing the people interested in becoming ibbü experts.

“ibbü has helped us implement an engagement strategy. We have worked together on selecting the ibbü experts who will support our customer service team outside opening hours. We don’t give the ibbü experts a script. This means they have spontaneous discussions, based on their own personal experiences. Visitors really like this,” adds Pierre-Olivier GROLLEAU Retail Director, TUI France.

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  • Once they are selected, the ibbü experts certified in Marmara holidays can choose the campaign they want to work on and when they want to work on it. Whenever they want, they can log in on When they are logged in, they receive questions from online shoppers automatically via chat and advise them on the product most suitable to their profile. Authentic advice coming from savvy enthusiasts helps online shoppers better prepare for their trips. 

TUI can handle their campaigns autonomously and in a flexible manner. The brand chooses the budget for each campaign and selects the profile of ibbü experts they need. TUI also chooses the timeframe of the campaign during which ibbü experts will interact with customers and prospects. In this way, ibbü experts support their customer service team when agents most need it. 

How do ibbü experts get paid?

Two business models are possible with ibbü: each chat conversation can be remunerated according to a tariff established by the brand (with a minimum of £2/chat, including the 20% commission for ibbü). Brands can either choose to pay the ibbü experts per contact or by performanceTUI has decided to share the value created by the ibbü service with the ibbü experts: they receive a percentage of the sales they generate. On average, they earn £250 (€300) per week. 

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What are the first ibbü results?

TUI noticed that ibbü has been very popular with online shoppers. There achieved a 90% global satisfaction rate after a chat conversation with an ibbü expert. Chat conversations with ibbü experts lead to higher average basket value and more important conversion rates: an increase of 33% in turnover. Moreover, ibbü’s on-demand business model (payment per contact without commitment) enables to diversify and reduce customer service costs. 

“A conversation between online shoppers and experts lasts an average 15 minutes and creates a real close relationship between our brand and our customers and prospects. For some online shoppers, ibbü experts are their first contact with TUI, so this contact has to be flawless if we want to retain our visitors. Besides, given the excellent results we’ve had with the Marmara holidays, we are thinking about extending the ibbü service across all products on our new website which has been launched on 27 September,” says Pierre-Olivier GROLLEAU, Retail Director, TUI France.

You can download the TUI case study here:

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