Top 5 articles from last week

Here are some great articles we read last week. They all have something to do with Entrepreneurship, Marketing, eCommerce or Social Media :)

3 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Build Outstanding Customer Experiences – Entrepreneur

In this article, you will find some tips from 35 successful entrepreneurs on creating remarkable customer experiences.

24 best practice tips for ecommerce site search – eConsultancy

This article lists site search best practices with some good examples from retailers.

Free and Easy Returns Build Customer Loyalty – PracticalEcommerce 

“When shoppers were charged for a return, their future purchases dropped at least 74 percent and in many cases they would not return at all.”

10 of the latest surprising and revealing studies on social media – TNW News 

Here are some unexpected facts about Social Media. For example: Instagram is a more engaged platform than Facebook and Twitter.

Magazines and Social Media: From the News Stand to the News Feed – Hubspot Blog 

Social platforms have proven their worth for everything for content distribution, audience engagement, and more. This article will help you understand what readers want to see and engage with on social media.

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