[Press Review] Focus on Social Media and Customer Service

To celebrate it being Monday, let’s take a quick look back at the best articles from last week! This week we are focusing on Social Media and Customer Service! :)

How will social media change customer service in 2016? – SLP Consulting

A company must be where the customers are, places where they socialize and spend their pastime.

What is Peach & should marketers even care? – eConsultancy

“Unlike many people who’ve already commented on this app I do actually believe Peach has the potential to build a large audience.” Jack Simpson,

The Hip New Way to Complain to a Business: Facebook Messenger – Wired

Facebook hopes businesses will embrace Messenger to reach customers, take reservations, and even sell stuff.

Social Media and Customer Service: 5 Tips to Do It Right – Acodez.co

Social media marketing is no longer a matter of choice. It is a necessity to keep your brand afloat and visible in the virtual realm. There is no better way to reach out to a large number of people in the least time, with minimal effort and expense.

2016: The Year of Customer Experience – Social Times 

We need to set our sights not only on creating the best possible experience for our customers, but also, and more importantly, on helping to make their lives better through the products or services we offer. To accomplish this, we must be the eyes and ears of our customers — all the time.

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