[Press Review] Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service and Sharing Economy

Here are our favorite articles from last week; they are all related to Marketing, Social Media, Customer Service and Sharing Economy :) 

Are millennials as digitally-minded as we say they are? – My Customer 

In a recent study from The Center for Generational Kinetics, 55% of millennials said their customer service expectations have increased over the last three years, while more than half have stopped doing business with at least one company because of poor customer service in the past year.

B2B social media: The facts – B2B Marketing

Find out here how B2B Marketers are doing with Social Media.

On Social, 7 Out of 8 Customer Questions Still Go Unanswered – SocialTimes 

Here is an infographic that will help you see which geographic areas have seen increases and decreases in response times and rates.

How the visual evolution of social media has affected brands – eConsultancy

Here are five ways the increasingly visual nature of social media is affecting brands.

Uber unveils big e-commerce delivery program – eCommerce facts 

In the fall the company will announce a partnership with big retailers and fashion brands.

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