The women we admire, close to home

Today is International Women’s Day. I asked my colleagues to interview a female colleague they admire. Because yes, there are many impressive women close to home, whether at work or amongst friends and family! Here are some extracts.

Monica’s interview with Amor

Monica's interview with Amor

I admire Amor because she is a key element in the Spanish team. She has such a positive energy that will make any difficult situation into something easy to deal with, no stress and only good vibes when we are around her.

Amor started working with us only a year ago but it feels like that she has been with us for the longest. Since she started to work in the Spanish team, the team has really structured itself, we are now working all together and very close to each other regardless the distance between us.

Her amazing resume and past professional experiences ( ex Google & Yahoo employee) has brought fresh new ideas and methods to improve the way we work together and develop the Spanish market. She really embodies the ” delight the customer ” value in iAdvize. She takes good care of our clients in Spain, building long term relationships with them.

Last but not least, she is friendly and amazing person, I could speak to her for hours about her past experiences, personal and professional.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

International Women´s Day to me is a reminder to each one of us to keep up the hard work on achieving women equality to men standards, not only in legal rights but as part of a daily routine. And of course it is not a call to go against men but to go with. Together we are all stronger!

What do you think about the role of women in the digital industry in Spain?

I started working in the Spanish Digital Industry 6 years ago from Dublin as part of a Spanish team of 6 where I was the only woman. It was a great experience, and I learnt a lot from them. However, I can affirm that back at the time it was a world mainly of men, specially in decision making positions. Nowadays, this is changing bit by bit and the role of the woman in the digital industry is growing thanks to the initiative of the employers mainly. And definitely, mentioned initiative is feeded by keeping up celebrations such as the “International Women’s Day”.

What is that you admired the most in women of our age nowadays?

I absolutely admire those women that come everyday to work after, for example, breastfeeding during the night and they are able to keep up the hard work. I definitely think that there is a lot of room for improvement here regarding equality, and Nordics countries are way ahead of southern countries on this. So I would like to pay my little tribute from here to all the genies-mothers that know what I am referring to. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! 


Adénora’s interview with Morgane

Adénora's interview with Morgane

I admire Morgane because she is a true pillar in our global organisation and is always available to give us precious advice with our daily challenges.

Morgane joined iAdvize almost 4 years ago as an HR Coordinator. She is part of the Office team and a key element as everyone relies on her to coordinate HR projects and help talents figure out what their professional projects and aspirations are. Last year, she was promoted HR Business Partner and continues to work on talent development.

I decided to interview her because her job is, by definition, “in the shadows” and yet crucial for iAdvize. I wanted to highlight the professionalism and dedication Morgane is always showing when it comes to iAdvize and contributing to the company’s development. In addition, she is also a lot of fun outside of work! A great partying buddy :D

Here is what she agreed to tell me for this special day:

What is International Women’s Day about for you?

It is true that women, today, still have a poorer image than men: more versatility, less recognition. Each woman brings something to an organisation. As a woman, it is vital to remember everything is possible, to keep believing that even in a tough environment, we must stay strong. Because our impact is essential; no matter what our job is, a company without women would not survive. The HR team is the perfect example and all across iAdvize, each of us means something to this company.

How do you think we can contribute positively to equality between women and men?

Our industry is one of the least impacted by inequality and iAdvize, especially, is a company where people are innovative, open-minded and progressive on this matter. However, I do believe we could still better communicate on what this subject means to us: what actions we take, how we can be a model in this area, demonstrate our achievements inside and outside iAdvize.
From an HR point of view, we aim to reach equality between women and men as much as possible (from hiring to promoting as well as encouraging mobility) and it is only fair to say that we are already doing a lot on this topic. Yet, it is important to keep wondering what more could be done: communicating internally and externally about women’s success in order to make of iAdvize an example for all and make sure we stay ahead of this important matter.

What drives you most in your life?

Without a doubt, I would say that the well being of others is a strong fuel for me. Knowing that people around me are fulfilled and pleased is very important for me. Taking actions for them, developing solutions to solve their daily issues whether personal of professional really motivates me. As the years go by, I’m increasingly aware that listening to and exchanging with our talents is my number one source motivation when I wake up in the morning. Using my skills and missions to help them blossom, resolve issues and achieve goals is definitely the way I am determined to contribute to iAdvize’s success and its talents’ accomplishment.


Caroline’s interview with… Caroline!

Caroline's interview with... Caroline!
I wanted to interview Caroline Leroy because she manages many key topics successfully but is rarely in the spotlights.
Caroline joined iAdvize 3 and half years ago as our Chief Financial Officer and one of two women on iAdvize’s committee. I wanted to interview Caroline because she manages many key topics successfully, such as the investment, but is rarely in the spotlights. I only had a few meetings with her but she impressed me with her calm, polite, highly competent and direct manner. She’s very much appreciated by her team as well. 
3 questions for Caroline from Caroline ;-)

Do you have any female role models in the business environment?

To be honest I don’t make a difference between female and male role models. I couldn’t say I do have one now but I did admire my former boss whose name was also Caroline when I was working there. I appreciated her way of managing, communicating directly and her energy.

What do you like most about your job?

My team. They’re great, very competent and we have a great team spirit. I am happy working with them every day. On the intellectual side, I appreciate the diversity of topics I am lucky to work on, that give me a transversal vision of iAdvize. Of course I also appreciate being part of the iAdvize project.

How do you think we can contribute positively to equality between women and men at work?

From a formal perspective, we have a “no discrimination” paragraph on all our job offerings. At iAdvize there are far less female employees than men but this is due to the job profiles we hire. Especially in the research and development team which represents nearly ⅓ of the employees. There are far less women graduating in this domain which explains this situation. Maybe the percentage of women is even higher here than in universities. As a manager I treat everybody in the same way in terms of career progression and salary. I don’t think there are any inequalities at iAdvize. I really believe in the value of good work. Whether you’re a woman or a man, if you do a good job, you’ll have the same progression and salary.
But honestly, in general, I don’t really think about my gender. If I was a man I would do the same thing and be in the same position. I think progression at work, at  least at iAdvize, is about  being involved and doing a good job, not about gender.



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