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The story of iAdvize in Spain really took off in 2014 when sales and marketing joined forces to conquer this emerging eCommerce market. In the past 3 years, the team has been present at range of events including eShow Madrid, eShow Barcelina & Futurizz; we’ve spoken at several conferences and in November 2016, the first iAdvize event took place on the rooftop of the Room Mate Oscar hotel in Madrid. 50 clients, prospects and partners attended to exchange about the future of eCommerce and digital transformation in Spain. Today, we work with more than 30 companies in Spain in a variety of industries. The company was founded in 2010 in Nantes, France, where the headquarters are based. Today, 200 people work for iAdvize in 5 different countries including Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy and France. 

The market 

Although Spain was severely affected by the economic crisis and subsequent austerity measures, the eCommerce market has done very well. According to Secure Trading, 60% of the population shops online and is the largest eCommerce market in southern Europe. According to the Spanish National Authority for Markets and Competition, 55% of purchases made online in Spain during the second quarter of 2016 were carried out on foreign websites. During the same period, travel agencies and tour operators, air transport and clothing were the industries with the highest online revenue. 


Johan, you’ve been a part of the iAdvize team working on the Spanish market for a few years now. What are the specificities of this market? What are iAdvize’s strengths? And the greatest successes?

The Spanish eCommerce market is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in Europe. Considering this, companies are striving to improve online customer service as it becomes a competitive advantage vis-à-vis prices. This growth is occurring not long after the deep economic crisis and therefore, Spanish companies are also looking for advice with regards their eCommerce strategy; how can they make sure they are investing in sensible solutions that will generate yield in the short term. iAdvize has been present on the Spanish market for nearly three years and has succeeded in building a unique positioning. It is now recognised as an expert, driving innovation and providing premium service. The value proposition is entirely built around creating a return on investment. For iAdvize, Spain is one of the international markets with the fastest growth. With its global value proposition, our solution appeals to companies which already perceive eCommerce as a core part of their business. The sectors in which iAdvize experiences the greatest success are travel (Binter, B The Travel Brand, Granvalira) and electronic appliances (Worten, FNAC). However, iAdvize plays a key role in building awareness around topics related to conversational commerce amongst a considerable part of the market for whom eCommerce has recently become a hot topic.

Johan Guérin, Head of International Development

Matthieu, you lived in Spain for several years and you’ve been working on the development of iAdvize in this market over the past three years. What are the most important cultural differences between Spain and France when it comes to business? What should one pay attention to? 

Latin culture is very warm and building rapport is key when developing in this market. From my experience, Spaniards are curious and prefer face to face contact to written communication. It makes it easier to build a personal relationship. Trust, honesty and humility are very important. The way business is done in Spain is more relaxed than in many other European countries. I think it would be difficult to ensure long term growth in this market without building these strong, personal relationships with clients. For example, meetings usually begin with small talk, catching up with one another; this helps build a trustworthy business relationship. 

Matthieu Trinchant, Channel Manager

The team 

The two business developers for the Spanish market, Javier and Diego are based in Madrid. Monica and Tamara are focused on medium sized accounts and work from Nantes. The customer support, performance and training teams are also based at the headquarters in France. We are currently recruiting a Communication and Marketing manager for this market to join the Madrid-based team and it is likely that we’ll be looking for sales talents to join the team in the coming year. If you have a strong sales or marketing background and are interested in being part of the iAdvize adventure in Spain, check out the job offers here:

Daniela, you started working for iAdvize in Nantes more than three years ago, accompanying clients in the deployment and optimisation of the solution. How has it been?

My iAdvize experience started more than three years ago. Since then, I’ve been accompanying customers in a wide variety of sectors, each with their own objectives and expectations. With each client, a unique relationship develops. Many trips Nantes-Madrid-Barcelona-Nantes for training sessions and meetings to work with them towards building quality online customer service, with that human touch!

Monica, your role is to convince medium-sized businesses in Spain to choose iAdvize. Which new client are you most proud of?

At iAdvize, my role is to develop the Spanish market. On a daily basis, I reach out to Spanish SMEs in all sectors and introduce them to the iAdvize platform and how it can contribute to empowering their website. The digital market in Spain is experiencing rapid growth which makes my job particularly interesting! Not only do I sell a product but I also share our knowledge of the current trends and evolutions in the digital sphere. I’m proud to have convinced companies such as RABAT, the famous catalan jewelry business, to work with us.

Why did you first join the iAdvize adventure?

I wanted to develop my career in a tech and startup environment with a software that I believe in, like iAdvize. From the first day I liked the team, the values and the challenge of developing the Spanish market!

Javier, Business Developer Spain

I decided to join iAdvize because of the hard-working atmosphere, the people, and the potential of the product. Also the fact that the company has an ambition to keep growing internationally encouraged me to join this team of brave people ;-)

Diego, Business Developer Spain

Why do you believe iAdvize has great potential in the Spanish market?

It’s a market where everything is to be done. Spaniards loove messaging and purchasing products online the more and more. Here we are to help them!


Conversational commerce is growing exponentially, Spanish people love conversation and we consider this trend as an added value for our online purchases.


You both joined the company quite recently, what’s your best memory so far?

The amazing event that we celebrated in Madrid. It was great to see all our prospects and clients exchanging and having a good time.


My best memory so far was the company seminar in January during which I got to meet everyone.


You’ll be coming to the HQ in Nantes regularly. What do you like about these visits?

I like that we free our minds for a couple of days, leave the country and spend time with the rest of the team.


What I like the most is meeting colleagues that I don´t have the opportunity to see frequently. It is the best moment to share experiences and information about daily business in Spain.


Give me one reason why Madrid is awesome and why everyone should live there!

Madrid is the heart of Spain, every typically Spanish thing is here! It’s a young and dynamic population and all the business opportunities are here too.


Madrid is the capital of Spain where almost everything happens. It is easy to visits prospects because most of them are in Madrid or Barcelona. For living, it is a great place because you can find a cosmopolitan environment mixed with a neighborhood city.


The fact that we have an office in the Spanish capital is an advantage for the Spanish team at iAdvize as it enables us to be closer to our clients and prospects. Furthermore, most of the digital events we take part in are organized in Madrid and then, obviously, it’s great to be able to live in a city as lively and exciting as Madrid.



The Worten success story

Worten is part of the Portuguese group, Sonae. The chain is specialised in electrical appliances and now has 40 stores in Spain. At the start of 2014, the company decided to deploy web chat on their website to face the increasing needs for online customer service. They wanted to provide immediate and top level support. iAdvize implemented a targeting strategy so that the chat window would appear to visitors who were browsing product pages and needed help. The feedback from customers after having used this channel was extremely positive with satisfaction rate of 90%. 

If you would like to find out more about what Worten have achieved, you can download the case study here (in Spanish): 

In the Spanish press 

Here are a few links to coverage we got in the eCommerce, Customer Service, Digital Marketing press in Spain:

If you believe you can contribute to developing iAdvize in Spain, please take a look at our job offers and get in touch!

Job offers – Spanish market

Miranda is in charge of internal communications at iAdvize, where she started working 3 years ago, originally as communications officer for the UK market. She has a BA from UCL in languages and a masters degree in translation and communication from the ISIT school in Paris. Although her passport is British, she feels at home on the continent ;-) Intrigued by all things cross-cultural, disruptive and customer service-related.

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