How The Kooples Deploy A Premium Online Customer Experience

This Autumn, iAdvize had the pleasure of welcoming Nam Tran, The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience, to our Roundtable Breakfast. During this discussion with fellow retailers, Nam explained how over the past 5 years the Kooples have not only put a solution in place to resolve online customer queries but also to ensure that the online customer experience is a premium one!

We noted down some key takeaways:

Visitors don’t remember what you said but how you made them feel!

Nam is very keen on getting customer service right. As a student he had a bad experience with an online retailer. Faced with an issue about an item vanishing from his basket, he called the customer service department. He told them of his issue and how desperate he was to buy it and…

They hung up on me: they said they couldn’t help and hung up,” he says. “I was really upset and shocked at how bad they were and what a bad experience it was.”
Nam Tran, The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience

Looking back on this Nam always remembers how frustrated this experience made him feel and made it his mission at the Kooples to strive for excellence when it came to resolving customer queries.

Real-time messaging: that personal touch

We have to handle a huge number of FAQs such as ‘where is my order?’, ‘How do I return it?’, ‘When will I get my refund?” […] And we get this on email, phone and social media. We needed a way to handle these properly on all those channels but I also saw that it was vital to offer them an immediate and personal channel: live chat”
Nam Tran, The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience

Customers trust the authenticity but we wanted to make that work at scale”
Nam Tran, The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience

How can you scale authenticity?

Soon after implementing a live chat solution on The Kooples website, Nam Tran soon realised that to handle these conversations at scale would mean ensuring that there was a service available during peak traffic periods, at lunchtimes, evenings and weekends.

“With up to four people handling live chat, we identified a problem around business hours: our team worked 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, while traffic tends to peak on evenings and weekends. That’s when we turned to independent experts for a solution.”
Nam Tran, The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience

Who are the independent experts?

For The Kooples, iAdvize selected, savvy independent experts, passionate about both fashion and the brand itself. Once the experts had passed a very specific test about the company, they are ready to chat for the brand using the iAdvize ibbü app. These experts are very much part of the team:

“I update the experts on the latest news and offers using a live feed, they are treated very much as part of the Kooples customer experience team”
Nam Tran, The Kooples Global Head of Client Experience

These experts are providing a premium, authentic experience to online visitors during peak times ensuring that the Kooples are not only positively impacting on bottom line but also impacting customer lifetime value. 

Hear more from Nam and the results these experts achieve for the Kooples in our latest video:

¹ iAdvize data, 5th January 2016 / 16th November 2017 vs. 17th November 2017 / 25th September 2018
² iAdvize data, 2018 


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