The importance of a 360° unified conversational experience from a product point of view

Conversations have become a central part of the online customer experience. It is now crucial for brands to support their prospects and customers anywhere at any time. But it is not only crucial for your brand to support visitors online, you also need to do it in a qualitative way: you need to give them personalised answers according to their context. And web users can contact you from any touchpoint: social media, messaging apps or your eCommerce website. You need to adapt according to their favourite touchpoint. And to do so, your business needs to choose the tool best suited to its needs and expectations.
Laura, Product Manager for the Conversational Experience Swarm at iAdvize gives us some insights on how a conversational commerce platform can help your business provide an enhanced customer experience enabling you to reduce and simplify customers’ constraints. 

Digital conversations: a real challenge for brands

It is obvious. Our conversations are more limited when we talk to a computer than when we have a face-to-face interaction. Indeed, physical encounters include facial expressions, explanations with your hands, drawings, different sounds, etc. Physical encounters imply emotions, direct reactions and a human connection.
Digital conversations are a bit different as we are facing our mobile device or computer and not a human being. Therefore, it is a real challenge for us to have different types of human conversations online. But in the last few years, developers have developed new tools to help us transmit our human emotions, reactions and different documents. These tools help transform the digital experience for it to become more human and interactive. With emojis, gifs, cards, PDF files and other rich content, you can now visualise the information and data you need online and share more complex interactions online.

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A need for a seamless experience

Your main objective as a brand is to provide your prospects and customers with a smooth experience whenever they need to contact you, wherever they are (social media, your website, messaging apps, etc.). The format of the conversation should be familiar to users in order for them to feel safe and at ease.
Being everywhere all the time for your customers and prospects is not an easy task to achieve. It can quickly become expensive if you do not bring your efforts together. If you start using a tool such as conversational commerce platforms, you can start centralising all the messages you receive from web users whatever their provenance. It can help your customer service agents save time and energy while answering a maximum of qualitative conversations.

“To remain agile and innovative, it is necessary for our brands to rapidly integrate new conversational touch points with their customer service strategy. And to facilitate this adoption, we are constantly working to offer a unified experience and help agents handle these conversations. The conversational experience has to be quick, enable agents to reduce and simplify customers’ constraints. A unique and smooth relation with customers whatever the touch point used is the successful result of the obligation to multiply your number of contact points..”

Laura Bellanger, Product Manager for the Conversational Experience Swarm at iAdvize

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Automation can help you provide a more conversational experience

Customer service tends to become increasingly more agile. An intelligent mix of human and automation is at the heart of the conversational experience. Chatbots are making a comeback because they enable us to save time, especially to qualify customers’ queries and solve simple problems. Using artificial intelligence should only be done to save time, help customer service agents for them to concentrate on a more complex task with added value. Chatbots will not replace human assistance. Thus, customer service becomes agile thanks to the mix of human and automation intelligence.

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A foolproof conversational experience

If customer service agents have to be efficient and answer in no time to users while being relevant, for the conversational experience to be optimal, the tool that both hands use should work at all times on all devices.

The only inconveniences accepted by visitors is the ones coming from their own connection problems. That means your tool has to be bulletproof whenever other issues might arise. And there even have solutions to help users not be frustrated by their lost connection. For example, on the ibbü and iAdvize apps, even if you lose your connection while traveling, the text you were writing is kept on the app waiting to be sent whenever a connection will be found again.

Android version

iOS version









The more you think about your customers’ experience, the better you can interact with them and offer them the best conversational experience possible.

A need for an optimised conversational platform

Conversational commerce platforms need to offer a smooth experience whatever the touchpoint used even if visitors switch from one touchpoint to another. These platforms also need to give a maximum of information to customer service agents for them to better meet customers’ expectations and for the latter to feel unique. A conversational commerce platform should offer an enhanced conversational experience for both agents and visitors.

“At iAdvize, we are working to optimize the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) as much as possible. We enrich the discussion panel to focus conversations on the visitor profile. The objective is to have all the information and tools necessary for agents to identify customers’ expectations and better respond to their questions.
Laura Bellanger, Product Manager for the Conversational Experience Swarm at iAdvize

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