Target the best social and messaging conversations and transfer them to the right agents

Over the past two years, our conversational commerce platform has opened itself to social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as well as messaging apps (Messenger and WhatsApp) and text messages.

For most of these channels, you just need to connect your page to iAdvize and your agents receive all conversations and handle them from their discussion panel. In just a few clicks, you can start handling social conversations and track your performance in the iAdvize platform.

But sometimes, you need better accuracy when it comes to choosing the conversations you want to receive and handle, the ones you want to keep, and when it comes to deciding to which groups of agents you would like to dispatch them to. This possibility is now available in the iAdvize platform.

For all these touchpoints, you can create targeting rules and choose which conversations you want to receive or exclude.

This way, your agents will only receive the best conversations, filtered among all messages posted on your accounts.

To go further, you can even use these targeting rules with our routing engine and, this way, assign these conversations to the best agents according to their group or skills.

To learn more about this feature, you can have a look at the list of criteria available on these touchpoints and this presentation of our routing engine.

Simon is a Product Manager at iAdvize, in charge of social channels and messaging apps, and in charge of engagement features.

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