Target and classify Facebook, Messenger or text messages in iAdvize

Until now, targeting with our platform was only available for messages coming from for Twitter and Instagram. Our new feature allows you to also target messages from Facebook, Messenger or text messages. Once your page or account is linked to the solution, all conversations will arrive in your agent’s discussion panel. By the end of February, you will be able to target messages based on their content, type or the account they come from, classify them and send them to the right agents

Now, thanks to the updates in our targeting engine, you can create targeting rules for all these touch points.

These rules and the ones already available on your website, Twitter and Instagram. For Facebook, Messenger and text messages criteria are available to target conversations according to their content, their origin or their type.

These new rules also enable you to only keep the messages that are relevant, by automatically erasing the comments which don’t need to be handled and distribute useful messages to the right respondents thanks to the iAdvize routing engine.

These new rules will progressively be available for all our customers starting with 28th of February 2017. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact your CSM at iAdvize!

Simon is a Product Manager at iAdvize, in charge of social channels and messaging apps, and in charge of engagement features.

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