[Success Story] Rivadis advises mothers and mothers-to-be 24/7

Laboratoire Rivadis SAS is a family business, created in 1971 by a pharmacist called Michel Rival. The brand develops, manufactures and distributes hygiene products, skin care products and cosmetics for babies, women and the whole family to health professionals and the general public. Rivadouce is Rivadis’ historical brand, dedicated to baby care and care for the whole family. Today, Laboratoire Rivadis employs 184 people.

Rivadouce’s challenge

Since its creation, Rivadis has developed its activity by distributing its Rivadouce products throughout hospital establishments. The brand has quickly been championed by the medical staff. To meet this demand, Rivadis has identified “centralisers”: advocate customers who centralise orders for their colleagues. These new practices have naturally led Rivadis to distribute their range of cosmetics for the whole family to its BtoC clientele which led to the launch of its website in 2005.

Today, “Digital moms” are Rivadouce’s first target audience: young moms or mothers-to-be, connected and very well informed. For a long time, our ambassador programme has worked thanks to our relationship with our customers. We have always been close. But with young moms, we have seen the relationship with our customers evolve. Digital moms don’t call the customer service team. That’s why we have started using iAdvize“, explains Julien Charpentier, Web Manager for Rivadouce.

Rivadouce’s solution: hyper-qualitative and personalised tips

First, Rivadouce launched iAdvize Messaging for its internal customer service team. But because of a lack of resources, the system was not optimal. That is why the brand chose to start using ibbü. Today, three beauty experts respond to moms in real-time 24/7. “At first, I wasn’t sure about the quality of the respondents and their speech. But my hesitations were quickly swept away thanks to the selection process“, says Julien. ibbü experts were selected for their cutting-edge knowledge about cosmetics. Their added value resides in the advice they give (for example about skin problems) about the products.

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