[Success Story] Le Petit Ballon converts 33% of their visitors into subscribers with the ibbü service

Founded in 2011 with an innovative concept, Le Petit Ballon is an eCommerce website which sells wines by subscription. Their 60,000 subscribers receive two bottles each month selected by Jean-Michel Deluc, former head sommelier at the Ritz. Le Petit Ballon’s main mission is to help their customers, novices or experimented œnologists to discover quality wines and accompany them while they are tasting them.

The challenge

Le Petit Ballon experiences a strong peak in activity during the Christmas holiday season. To face this seasonality, the brand decided to reinforce their customer service team while remaining flexible, especially during the evening and at weekends. To do so, Le Petit Ballon wanted to collaborate with brand ambassadors who know the website and the offers. An ibbü campaign was launched and shared with their user base. 60 people subscribed and 8 of them were selected for their knowledge of the brand’s concept and their understanding of Le Petit Ballon’s spirit.

“It was important for us that the people we selected were familiar with our brand and the way we communicate with our customers. We had to turn down a few people whose written expression was slightly pompous. We want to communicate with our customers in a simple, direct and friendly manner” explains Maxime Brillanceau, Customer Relationship Manager.

The solution

ibbü experts and professional agents chat on the same website pages. If they don’t have the answer to a question, ibbü experts can redirect visitors to the customer service team. “Our peak transactions happen during week nights and on Saturdays. Our professional agents are available until 7 pm. It’s great to have ibbü ambassadors take over after opening hours”, explains Maxime. During peak traffic, he noted a 33% conversion rate.


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