[Success Story] GuesttoGuest and Community Messaging

Created in 2011, GuesttoGuest is the world’s leading home exchange service. Their website is available in seven languages and provides online assistance to its members via Community Messaging. Brand advocates respond to questions from visitors in four languages (French, English, Spanish and German). 

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Brand advocates respond to questions from online visitors in real-time 

GuesttoGuest started to use a Community Messaging solution with the goal to be as available as possible for their website visitors. This way, the members of the GuesttoGuest community respond to website visitors in real-time when they have time and inclination. This allows the brand to be available for their visitors outside opening hours: during the weekend and in the evening. Brand advocates also help reinforce the brand’s credibility as they are enthusiastic users of the platform and they have become home exchange experts on the website.

Strong ties and engagement between the community and the brand

“When members want to join our brand community and respond to questions on the Community Messaging solution, we plan a call with them and tell them the GuesttoGuest story and make sure we respond to all their questions. Then, we send them a few informational emails and give them a few tips before they start using the tool.
We also organise events with the members of our brand community to get to know them a little better.” Alice Lorenz, Chief Member Happiness at GuesttoGuest

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A tool that federates communities

“Community Messaging is a very useful tool, especially for the new members. it enables them to directly be in contact with the brand community. Community Messaging also allows them to receive quick responses and it reinforces the community spirit.” Anne, member of the GuesttoGuest community

You can download the GuesttoGuest success story and read the interview with Alice Lorenz, Chief Member Happiness here.

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