[Success Story] Feelunique Are Passionate About Creating A Joined Up Customer Experience

Founded in 2005, Feelunique are Europe’s largest online beauty retailer, with over 400 brands in their portfolio. Their mission is to harness the positive power of beauty and Feel Unique are proudly digital, continuously innovating, discovering and sharing.
The brand is now shipping to over 120 countries. 

The Challenge

Feelunique experience a large volume of traffic through their website and are committed to creating a a truly digital, joined up user experience. To achieve this, Feelunique want to ensure that they are not only communicating with their customers at the right time but also directing each query to the right agent. A chat solution was launched to enable agents to communicate with customers in real time.

“We focus on pre sale and post sale contact types and we use a scoring system to identify where  a customer is within their journey. We then use iAdvize’s targeting engine to make sure that we direct the right enquiries to the right agents on our side to best answer the customer queries” explains Tom Newbald, Marketing Director.

The Solution

At any one time there are at least 10 agents logged in to the platform and Feelunique found that overall customers who engage through the conversational platform are more satisfied than customers who use more traditional channels such as email and phone.”

Having seen the value of the conversational commerce platform, Feelunique have also rolled out the iAdvize solution on mobile to provide a touchpoint to cater for the evolving needs of their customers. 

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