[Success Story] Eurécia transforms 18% of their contacts into leads

Since 2006, Eurécia has been publishing Human Resources Management software in SaaS mode, for small and medium-sized enterprises. After three months of average sales cycles, the first real-time chat contact had a significant impact on the speed of their sales process.

Eurécia uses chat to generate leads and gain acquisition

Eurécia’s primary audience consists of SMEs owners, HRDs, consultants as well as employees who want to offer a solution to their management. The company currently has 650 customers and more than 55,000 users in 40 different countries. Their primary goal is to improve the company’s productivity while also simplifying the lives of their employees.

‘‘As I had previously used the iAdvize solution, I was already convinced of the efficiency of the product. I sensed that iAdvize could help Eurécia to get leads since we are a pure-play company,’’ explains Julie Bessonie, Communications Manager, Eurécia.

Led by the marketing department, their customer engagement project launched at the end of 2015. The objective of the project was to generate new leads and gain acquisition. The company set up a selection process built around essential questions. The targeted queries enabled Eurécia to qualify the requests they received from potential customers: “This way, we can move forward accordingly: redirect to a form or plan a demo,’’ says Sophie Mardon, Marketing Manager, Eurécia.

‘‘With an average handling time of 7 minutes and 13 seconds, iAdvize saves us precious time, and thanks to our fast response time, we can leave our prospects with a first positive impression,’’ explains Julie Bessonie, Communications Manager, Eurécia.

Download the success story to discover how Eurécia used the iAdvize solution to support their customer engagement journey with intelligent targeting. You will find useful information on how to successfully select and engage your target audience using Chat and convert your leads into customers.

Download the Eurécia case study

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