Bouygues Telecom Entreprises answer their visitors in 12 seconds! [Success Story]

In BtoB, buying processes are rarely 100% digital as professionals tend to arrange a meeting over the telephone or face to face. For Bouygues Telecom Entreprise, the aim therefore is to increase the number of points of contact in order to generate a maximum number of leads for the sales force.

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Bouygues Telecom Entreprises targets SMBs from the BtoB sector. Therefore, in order to attract them, chat agents have to show their professional expertise in the field of chat conversations.They must speak in a professional and serious manner while maintaining a convivial atmosphere. In order to acquire the best practices and meet their objectives, Bouygues Telecom Enterprises’ chat agents have been trained to master “chat talk” (3rd cycle).

This way, chat agents give professionals their first answer in 12 seconds, i.e 7 points less a month after Phase 3. Also, they now have an average handling time of 8 minutes 17 seconds, i.e 1 minute and 30 seconds less a month after Phase 3.

Thomas, User Performance Manager at iAdvize : “In BtoB, business relations are long-term goals. The aim of the discussion using Chat is to instill trust, expertise and professionalism in the discussion. These notions will be reflected in agents’ response time, in the swift understanding of requirements and naturally in the quality of spelling.”

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Success Story Bouygues Telecom Entreprises

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