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Based in Barcelona, Splendia is a luxury hotel brand with an international team of 60 people and approximately 3 300 partner hotels worldwide. With approximately one million clients, Splendia has become the leader in online luxury hotel reservations. Sylvain Deltor, Head of Customer Service at Splendia tells us how  Click to Chat was integrated into the customer service strategy and gives us his feedback on live chat’s performance.

You offer a luxury product online: which customer service issues do you encounter?

The general problem of all websites, and not only those in the luxury sector is that you don’t have a personal contact with your visitors. At Splendia, we want to be closer to our customers by giving them a choice of different communication channels. In order to provide the best service, we try to see things from our customer’s point of view and be very open when they give us feedback. If, for example, we realise that the ergonomics of our website need to be improved, we implement the necessary improvements within two weeks. We offer the usual communication channels, telephone, email, and recently a more innovative channel, Click to Chat. To continue improving the Splendia experience, we also carry out customer satisfaction surveys. This involves sending a questionnaire to customers after their stay. This way, we improve our offer. If a hotel continues getting bad feedback, we stop working with them.

Why did you decide to offer live Chat to your online visitors?

To begin with, we displayed our customer service number all over the website to generate a maximum amount of contacts. However, we realised that these contacts were not very qualitative. Therefore, we reduced the amount of places where the number was displayed, which did indeed lead to more qualitative contacts, but there much less of them! We needed to find a communication channel which would enable us to generate a lot of qualitative contacts. This is why we decided to implement Click to Chat and deployed the iAdvize solution on our website so we could process a big amount of qualitative contacts whilst improving our customers’ experience on our website. Live chat gives us the possibility to guide our visitors through our website without being  intrusive.

What were your expectations regarding Click to Chat and what were the results of iAdvize’s implementation?

At the beginning, there were more questions than expectations. But after a few months using the solution, we can now draw up a very positive appraisal.  When you embark on a new project, you always have the obligation to ensure that it is profitable. Today, Click to Chat generates much more than it costs and is without doubt a very profitable project. We are also pleasantly surprised by the levels of customer satisfaction on our website; it’s more than 85%. This satisfaction is not restricted to the customer side of things; our staff also like using Click to Chat because it’s so simple to use.

Your website is available in several languages. How did you deal with this international dimension?

Our website is available in French, Spanish, English, German, Italian and Portuguese, we offer live chat for all of these languages. We realised that we didn’t need dedicated agents to process live chat. This is why we now process Click to Chat as a team. Because we are an international team with trilingual employees, we can cover these five languages. I didn’t want to impose the chat tool on anyone, it’s voluntary. But as it turns out, everyone likes chatting and they choose to sign in to iAdvize. This big advantage of this solution is that it is particularly flexible.


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What is the impact of Click to Chat in the tourism

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