Social networks place online conversations at the heart of customer service

Ever since they arrived in our lives, social networks have had a huge impact on our relationships and habits. We use them to find information, contact our family and friends, share stories and offer feedback. 

“Social media is dead, long live social conversations!” Simon Robic – Social Product Manager @iAdvize

Brands need to change their social strategy

Many companies think the goal of being present on social media is to get the most likes, the most shares or the most followers. But they need to think beyond self-promotion and engage with their customers and prospects. The messaging revolution of 2015 has pushed brand interaction outside social networks and moved it to messaging platforms.

Nowadays, we have more than 2.5 billion people active on messaging platforms and only 2.3 billion active on social media (WeAreSocial, 2016). This is why a consolidated customer service strategy focused on social networks is imperative for brands: it can ensure an increase in their visibility through online channels and help them to always be in contact with their current and future customers.

Nevertheless, brands still need to discover how to make social media relevant to their online strategy. Recent studies show that in 2014 consumers complained about brands 879 million times on social media (Search Engine Watch). And yet, in 2015, almost 90% of messages addressed to brands on social media remain unanswered 72 hours later.

A strategy based on real-time customer engagement and active social listening can help brands interact with their audience on the right channel within the timeframe they expect. If there is no online interaction between a brand and its customers, an opportunity for its competitors readily appears. Being proactive on social networks offers brands a significant opportunity to integrate social commerce in their online strategy.

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