Top 3 reasons behind shopping cart abandonment and solution to avoid it

The retail space as we know it is fragmented and uncertain. Fake news here, fake news there. And it’s no different in the online retail world: customers have become more hesitant to buy and in turn, are harder to convince.

The ‘A’ word

Why? Anxiety. Another word that may be familiar to most people nowadays and that has, in a way, become a part of the pre-purchase consideration stage. Pre-purchase anxiety is very real and affects a large majority of online shoppers. This phenomenon is caused by people left feeling overwhelmed and confused by too little or too much information, lack of guidance and mostly by a lack of trust.

  • 60% of shoppers don’t trust online customer reviews
  • 47% don’t trust sales people – advice influenced by commission
  • 48% don’t trust online advice
  • 42% are overwhelmed by options available


Fake news isn’t the only thing causing people to lose trust, as fake reviews are also on the rise. When people shop online, they often mostly rely on their peers’ opinions to seek guidance when they are uncertain because customers are the most likely to be honest and unbiased. However, it looks like reviews aren’t enough anymore as people may question their credibility. This is when brands start to suffer and lose potential customers.

Fighting the Fear Factor

Customers are overwhelmed and they’re fleeing, but are retailers even aware of these missed opportunities? Lack of integration between the various tools and channels businesses use may make it difficult for them to effectively gather and use data to achieve a comprehensive understanding of what their customers really need, what leads a customer to buy or abandon.

This is where the power of conversation comes into play. Conversation with real, authentic human beings that intervene when a customer is struggling on a website to guide them through the consideration stage is a great way to delight the customer, inject some authenticity in the buyer journey all whilst gathering important feedback. iAdvize conducted research that suggests that consumers’ pre-purchase anxiety can be successfully resolved by a unified and integrated approach to customer engagement, with responsive real-time, expert human interaction at its pinnacle for high-value, high-consideration purchases.

Reach out to your customers and show them what a great experience they can have with your brand.

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Joanna Rouby

Franco-British marketer

Marketing UK at iAdvize

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