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We have published several articles to share our eCommerce expertise and help eCommerce Managers increase their turnover, conversion rate and ROI. Now, to help you improve your KPIs, we decided to gather several resources (blog articles, white papers, guides, videos) in one article. These resources are classified by objectives. 

If you are an eCommerce Manager or in charge of web-marketing, you want to increase your online revenue. Click on the objective you want to improve to see the resources associated to it:


How to increase your revenue

[Guide] The Ultimate Guide To Starting And Scaling An Ecommerce Business

In this exhaustive guide provided by Foundr, you will learn how to build an eCommerce business from scratch and scale it up to size.

[Videographic] 5 eCommerce Best Practices and How to Nail Them with WooCommerce Plugins

In this video, you will find 5 eCommerce best practices to simplify your customers’ journey and make them buy more.

You can also follow Shopify’s YouTube channel. These videos will give you plenty of information about eCommerce.


[White Paper] Click to Chat – the ultimate online sales tool

In this white paper, you will find good practices, key performance indicators and results from companies that achieved their objectives regarding online sales.



[Infographic] 14 Strategies for Increasing Revenue on Your eCommerce Site

This infographic was made by Referral Candy. It gives you Marketing strategies to boost your online revenue. It is very useful and easy to read.

14 Strategies for Increasing Revenue on Your Ecommerce Site


[Article] The Guide to Maximizing eCommerce Sales, Revenues and Performance on all Fronts

This article was written by KissMetrics. It is a guide that will help you increase your turnover by giving you concrete examples. It deals with several important subjects such as MCommerce, SEO etc.





How to increase your conversion rate 


[Article] 5 steps to improving your conversion rate with Click to Chat

Like 8 out of 10 companies that chose to implement live chat on their website, your main objective is to increase your conversion rate. In this article, you will find good practices to help you increase your conversion rate using live chat.



[Infographic] The five most important factors for improving eCommerce conversion and sales?

Here is an infographic that will help you improve your conversion rate and online sales. It was made by RedEye in association with eConsultancy.


[Video] Air France chat agents achieve customer satisfaction rate of 91% and boost online revenue

This article is about Air France’s success story. In the video, you will find tips and Air France’s feedback to understand how they managed to achieve customer satisfaction rate of 91% and boost their online revenue.



[Checklist] Holy Grail of eCommerce Optimization Conversion – 91 points checklist

Here is a checklist which regroups 91 essential factors to increase your conversion rate online. It will be very useful for your eCommerce website.

[Checklist] Holy Grail of Ecommerce Optimization Conversion - 91 points checklist





How to boost your ROI 

[Article] Customer Service Agents And Brand Enthusiasts, A Match Made In Heaven

This article explains how combining Click to Chat and Community Messaging enables you to significantly boost your ROI (see also: how Le Petit Vapoteur multiplied ROI by 4).


[Success Story] How le Petit Vapoteur multiplied their ROI with Community Messaging by 4 

Here is le Petit Vapoteur’s feedback on combining two iAdvize tools: Click to chat and Community Messaging.


I hope this article will help you develop a strategy for your eCommerce website. To find out more about eCommerce, do not hesitate to check out our eCommerce column and to visit these specialized blogs:


If you have any other useful resources, do not hesitate to share it with us and we will add them in this article :)

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