Reports: export chart data in CSV format!

On top of being able to change the level of data granularity in your graphics, you can now easily export all the chart data from a report available in your iAdvize platform. 

Easily filter and export your data performance

You can export your chart data in CSV format according to filters (time periods, level of granularity, project, touchpoint) you have configured in your reports:
  • The exported chart data is simply the data you see on your screen. 
  • According to the time period selected, you can display and export your data per hour, day, week, or month.

For example: you can export all the indicators in your sales activity report such as the conversion rate for a specific touchpoint (live chat) and a specific time period (in the last 30 days) with a line for each day.

To analyse your data more efficiently

This export in CSV format will allow you to save time when analysing your KPIs.
This way, you can visualise your results by opening them in other tools such as Excel, Numbers, Tableau, etc.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about this feature! 

Valentin Mendeze

Product Manager of the Core Product swarm in the R&D department at iAdvize.

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