Reports: change the level of data granularity in your graphics!

By late March, you will be able to modify the level of granularity of the graphics in reports. According to the period selected, you’ll be able to display your data per hour, day, week and month.

Get a clearer vision of the evolutions in your production

By default, according to the period you’ve selected, we will display the highest level of data granularity possible in your graphics but you can reduce it if necessary.
For example, if you select a 2-week period, we’ll define the weekly period by default.
Managers and administrators will be able to use this feature with all the KPIs available on our solution (number of chats handled, average handling time, etc.)


A platform always more adapted to your needs 

This feature is in line with our desire to improve the vision you have over your production while offering you the best experience possible.

Discover the data granularity feature now:

Valentin Mendeze

Product Manager of the Core Product swarm in the R&D department at iAdvize.

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