[Press Review] 2017 trends in customer engagement

While we’re still reviewing this year’s trends, we need to keep updated on the 2017 trends and how to capitalise on customer engagement. From chatbots to mobile commerce, you should start looking at what will be innovative in 2017 and plan to include these trends in your business strategy! 

Being quick to market in 2017’s digital world will be one key to success for brands – The Drum

Businesses can no longer waste time and resources implementing new tools and features that offer no value. As brands evolve their digital capabilities and ways of interacting online with consumers, the ones that succeed will be those that don’t go to market with a fully developed solution or a ‘big bang’ launch in the hope that this is what customers want – the clever money is on being quickest to market, rapid innovation through design sprints and a ‘test and learn’ approach.

Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Customer Experience In 2017 – Forbes

Customer experience has never been hotter. CEOs now want to be involved in customer experience and generally someone in the c-suite has been allocated to lead it. Social networks became even more powerful in 2016, with Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn and Snapchat valued at $25 billion. Facebook made a huge customer service push with the launch of Facebook chatbots offering customers the ability to make simple transactions. However some say that these chatbots are not making the cut because the level of personalization isn’t there. We’re all waiting for Snapchat’s API to configure customer service applications, and the world waits to see what will happen to Twitter. The gap between the high performing companies and those that are waiting around to be disrupted grows in 2017.

Trends Shaping the Customer Service Experience of 2017 – Business 2 Community

Over the past year, consumers have demanded an even better customer service experience from their favorite brands both in-store and online. In response, retailers have used social media platforms and personalization as a way to improve their customer’s experience. But as 2016 comes to a close, retailers are already planning their next move in order to fine-tune their customer service.

2017 Customer Experience Trends – CustomerThink 

Innovation that lets firms reach out and touch their customers is moving at warp speed, building on expectations that were unthinkable just five years ago. When today’s consumer has questions about your product, it is no longer acceptable to wait for the answers— they must be addressed in real time or the customer will turn to the next readily available and better option. How can your organization convert this impatient prospect into a customer and lay the groundwork for loyalty as we know it today?

Level-up your customer service in the new year – Dynamic Business

January is a time for reflection, marking the end of a busy 2016 and heralding an exciting new year. It’s important to use this time to recalibrate your business’s thinking on customer service and plan service goals and objectives for the year ahead to grow and retain your customer base.

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