[Press Review] How to Market for your Business on Instagram?

Instagram recently launched a couple of fun new features and is competing with Snapchat to offer the most innovative user experience. There are 500 million people using the app monthly, who publish more than 100 million pictures daily. According to eMarketer, 17% of brands have already integrated the social network in their customer service strategy.

Learn how your brand can market on Instagram with the latest articles on the subject: 

How to create an Instagram marketing strategy – Sproutsocial

Success for brands on Instagram takes more than publishing attractive images—it is the product of thoughtful strategy, a well-defined brand identity grounded in visual creativity and effective community management. As you explore the potential of Instagram for your business, keep in mind the particular strengths of visual media for telling a compelling story about your brand.

5 brands with highly successful Instagram marketing strategies, 2016 Edition – Skyword

For social-savvy brands, the decision to embrace the advent of Instagram was a no-brainer—and when the app first launched in 2010, they jumped to claim their branded handles before they could get scooped up. From there, those brands went straight to work developing full-fledged Instagram marketing strategies.

Instagram Stories emerges as a powerful marketing tool – Business 2 Community

What Instagram understood — and what marketers should strive to understand — is that the Snapchat format works, but it just doesn’t have the global reach of Instagram. The launch of Instagram Stories could stem the massive flow of users — especially young users — to Snapchat. For the many Instagram-savvy marketers who had avoided migrating to Snapchat, Stories presents a real opportunity to engage users they may have otherwise missed.

How to use Instagram Stories for your business – Business News Daily

“The most noteworthy aspect of this entire release is the amount of users currently on Instagram versus Snapchat, as well as the demographic differences,” Marder said. “Instagram and Snapchat skew younger on average than Facebook, and its advertising offerings are much more enticing for brands hoping to reach millennials and Generation Z.”

Instagram launches a ‘contact’ button linking consumers with brands – Marketing Week

By adding business profiles, Instagram is hoping to make it more obvious to users which accounts constitute as businesses. By signing up for a business profile, brands can also choose how they want their customers to get in touch and a ‘contact’ button will link directly through to a phone number or email address.

Instagram is also expanding the data it provides to advertisers. Its new Insights tool will give brands and marketers more information about the personality of their followers and advice on which type of posts will resonate best with their core audience.

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