[Press Review] Are emotions at the heart of interactions between brands and customers?

Consumers have always been driven by their emotions, especially when it comes to making a purchase: they want their peers’ advice and feedback, they need to feel something when they see products, they appreciate when brands take the time to listen to them, etc. That’s why brands are now analysing their customers’ emotions to connect with them and understand their needs. Besides, studies have shown that emotional reactions to publicities have more influence on consumers’ willingness to buy something than the content of the ad itself. Are emotions key to building engaging conversations between brands and customers? 

Marketers: Track emotions, not just numbers – Marketing Land 

People don’t make buying choices based on how many of their friends mention a brand; they make them based on what their friends say when they mention those brands.
When marketers make choices about their branding strategy, they need to understand the key motivators behind consumers’ buying decisions. This means looking at the underlying emotions and sentiments people express when they talk about brands, products or trends.

Three ways brands are using emotional analytics to connect with customers – eConsultancy

A brand’s marketing team may want to promote the brand as inspirational and exciting, but how can it tell if it’s really delivering on this? Emotional analytics looks at how people are feeling, examines what topics they are having feelings about, and allows marketers the chance to change the narrative.

How E-Commerce Sites Can Foster Emotional Connections with Consumers – Quartsoft 

Brands may not be human, but their human-like qualities help drive sales. Psychology Today reports the emotion of “likeability” is the most predictive measure of whether an advertisement will succeed, while positive emotions toward a brand have significantly greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments based on a brand’s attributes.

Decisions Are Emotional. The 8 Emotional States That Influence Purchase Decisions – Guided Selling

Emotions are natural human drivers that dictate how we behave and what we do. They influence how we shop and what we buy. Taking these 8 emotional shopping modes into account and integrating them into your sales strategy lets you drill down to the real reasons why customers shop and helps you meet their real needs, and isn’t that the whole point of being in business?

No emotion is a bad emotion when it comes to creating content-led marketing campaigns: BBC StoryWorks study – Exchange4media

Richard Pattinson, SVP, Content, BBC Advertising and Head of BBC StoryWorks, said, “Emotions drive people’s engagement with brands, both in their desire to be associated with those brands and also in the wish to purchase products or services. Providing a clearer understanding of which emotions should be considered can help drive the brand metrics, which are critical to the success of content-led campaigns.”

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