[Press Review] Brands should focus more on brand advocates and influencers

Third-parties, whether they are customers or influencers, giving positive feedback publicly is the best endorsement your brand can get. Your customers are an extension of your brand: they are independent, their feedback is completely authentic and they know your products because they’ve bought and used them. Influencers are also important: they have a large audience and if they endorse your brand, people will pay attention. 

This week, our press review focuses on the importance of brand advocates. Whether they are your customers, employees or influencers, learn how to interact with them and get your product known.

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Turning Buyers Into Brand Advocates – Minute Hack

Being aware of customers’ journeys with your product can provide valuable insights into consumer habits and the lifecycle of your products, which can help you to increase repeat custom. After all, you have done the hard work in winning the customer.

Engaging with your customers while they are using your product is a win-win situation: you keep them happy and make them feel special, and they continue to bring you business.

How to Increase Conversions with Help from Your Fans – SearchEngine Journal

If you want to maximize profit and conversions, you’ll need your fans on your side actively advocating about your brand. Encouraging fans to become brand advocates and then displaying it on your site and social media is a great way to increase conversions with the help of your fans, increasing engagement and revenue along the way.

Podcast: Finding and Activating Influencers – eMarketer

Two of the key success factors for influencer marketing the guests highlight are authenticity and collaboration. LaVail and Burke say that consumers can easily sniff out inauthentic posts from the people they follow, which is only going to become more of a challenge as a growing number of marketers try tapping into influencers.

LinkedIn: Why people-focused marketing works – MarketingTech

Each brand is different but whatever product or service a company is offering, employees are always the best ambassadors. They help to make your brand human.

People focused marketing works; a recent LinkedIn study supports this, showing that a company’s culture is the most important factor in attracting young talent to the business.

7 Steps To Creating The Best ABM Campaign Ever With Advocacy – Customer Think

“Together, account-based marketing and advocate marketing are the new social selling,” says Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at MongoDB. “It’s powerful when your advocates have warm relationships with your target accounts.”


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