[Press Review] Why is it important to offer qualitative customer service?

Customer service is now essential for brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The better customer service is, the happier customers are and the more likely they are to recommend a brand. This week, we offer you a press review which looks at best practice and tips to offer qualitative customer service and improve your customer’s online experience. Enjoy the read! 

Ten Rookie Customer Service Mistakes And How To Avoid Them – Forbes

In spite of what some people believe, customer service is getting better. Really! It’s just that customers are smarter than ever and know what great customer service is. After all, we teach them. Companies tout their awards and make promises of a great customer experience. Some succeed, and these are the companies that set the bar higher for all others. These companies are the ones your customers are comparing you to. The problem is that the effort of some of some businesses is lagging behind the customers’ ever-increasing expectations.

Simple steps to better customer experience – Marketing Tech

If the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), released by the Institute of Customer Service, is anything to go by, some brands are streets ahead when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience.
Amazon has moved into the top spot in this year’s table and other well-known brands such as John Lewis, Waitrose, Nationwide and M&S Food are also among the top performers.

Evolving Customer Loyalty Trends Help Facilitate Sustainable Growth – Customer Think 

Your business needs to operate from a number that can be regularly expected with no profitability beyond sustainability. You as a business owner must know that whatever happens, you’re going tohit that number. Small businesses become massive ones by following strategies that don’t spend beyond a business’s means.

Customer service: Not just a footnote to sales – realbusiness

Customer services needs to play a fundamental part of business. The best salespeople are recognising this and are pitching holistic offerings – blurring the lines between great product and great customer service, and promising outcomes driven by this combination.

To Boost Customer Service, Wow Your Primary Customers—Your Employees – Destination CRM 

If your people are treated with trust, respect, and dignity in every interaction at work, by leaders and peers, three things happen: Engagement goes up (by 40 percent), service goes up (by 40 percent), and results and profits go up (by 35 percent).
The challenge? A 2016 EY global survey found that only 49 percent of employees have a “great deal of trust” in their bosses and peers.
If your people feel valued, they apply discretionary energy towards company tasks, peers, and customers. They work creatively and cooperatively to solve problems and wow customers.

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