What’s new in social media: three updates to watch this month

Social networks are constantly evolving to keep up with user demand. They are also competing against each other to gain the most users and offer the best user experience possible. Here are the latest updates from the most loved social media apps: 

Instagram launches its own ‘Event Channel’

After unveiling its new Instagram Stories feature, Instagram launches a similar feature to Snapchat. Just like Snapchat’s Discover, Instagram’s Event Channel enables its users to visualise videos from events that might interest them. These are user generated videos of concerts and sport events users can find in the explore tab of the app. The videos suggested by Instagram are based on what users like and who they follow.

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The new Facebook app for teens: Lifestage 

If you are over 21, Facebook’s new iOS app is not for you. Lifestage aims at teenagers who use it to express themselves: they can share pictures and videos of what they like or dislike. The app then compiles this information in videos which become their profile video. Sounds familiar? Just like Snapchat, Lifestage aims to attract the younger generations by allowing them to express themselves via fun videos.
It’s an interesting app for students to get to know each other in school. For example, when enough users are present at the same school, the school is “unlocked” which means they can access each other’s profiles within their school and nearby. But users should be careful as all their posts are public, and there is no option for private posts.

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Promoted videos are about to invade Pinterest 

Businesses can now integrate video ads to Pinterest, which contain featured pins. The aim of these video ads is to encourage Pinterest users to take action after they have watched them. It’s particularly attractive for businesses which use Pinterest in their online strategy since the industry predicts that video ads will occupy 15% of the digital marketing space by 2017. According to Forrester “If a picture paints a 1000 words, then one minute of video is worth 1.8-million words.”

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