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One of iAdvize’s advantages is that in 2010, we had already had the idea for a tool to enhance the performance of our customers, whether they were looking to increase their turnover, conversion rate, customer satisfaction rate or to handle as many conversations as possible.

Thus, this philosophy can be found in our product and is reflected in the handling tools that are at the agents’ disposal. For example, there are precise reports which help manage the activity of conversations handled by ibbü which allows you to select the best experts to help your customers.

Everything starts with our targeting engine.

Our targeting engine enables our users to precisely define who they will initiate conversations with on their website, social media channels and on messaging platforms. By choosing the right people to talk to and then, having the right tools to support them, we maximise your chances to obtain the best results.

This step is crucial and that is why we have decided to modify it and make it more powerful and easier to use while enabling our users to better manage their activity.

Campaign Functionality

Because marketing and customer service teams work closely on a day to day basis, we wanted to add campaign functionality to our targeting engine.

All the engagement rules are now organised into specific campaigns that we can add date ranges to (for a special promotion, for sales, in case a new product is launched, etc.). At the beginning of the selected period, the rules will be activated automatically and at the end, they will also be deactivated automatically.

You also need to define the objective you want to reach for each campaign: a specific turnover, an increase in the conversion rate, a minimum satisfaction rate, etc. This way, you can implement a strategy orientated around your performance and easily manage your activity according to what matters to you.

Multi-channel strategies

The second big feature: you can now manage your engagement strategy for your website (Chat, Call, Video), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Text messages, Messenger and WhatsApp from one single interface within the same campaigns.
The objective for us is to help you to improve your presence across all of these platforms, in a few clicks, by having common indicators in order to manage your activity.

When you create your rule in a campaign, you can then select the touchpoint of your choice and have different criteria to engage the right audience directly via this channel.

Easy management for better decision-making

Finally, this new multi-channel campaign functionality allows you to better manage your activity and, thus, make more accurate decisions.

Therefore, we are replacing the list of rules we had, for a campaign display, which shows every campaign, the date range of your objective and complimentary indicators.

In the blink of an eye, it is now possible to know if the strategy and the different campaigns you have implemented enable you to reach the objectives you have set yourself. It is then up to you to go back into their configuration to enhance them and achieve even better results.

These new functions in our routing engine are just the first step but, by changing the way you create and manage your engagement strategies and by simplifying your presence across all touchpoints offered by iAdvize, we are taking a step forward to continuously improve your results.

Campaigns will progressively be available for all our users by the end of September.


Simon is Product Marketing Manager at iAdvize

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