[Must-read Guide] How do we select the best ibbü experts?

ibbü is your on-demand pool of experts paid to enhance customer experience and boost online sales. ibbü experts provide top-quality service because they have an excellent knowledge of your brand’s offer and great interpersonal skills. They get paid to support your customer service teams and respond to questions from online shoppers using the chat tool.

The most interesting part of ibbü relies on the on-demand nature of its pool of experts. Brands can work with the ibbü experts while remaining flexible. The experts support the brand’s customer service team whenever they are needed: during the evening or at weekends when customer service teams are off, or during peak traffic when they are less available.

Select the most talented experts

iAdvize builds and nurtures the ibbü community in order to provide brands with the knowledge of the most talented experts. Brands will then select the profiles that best fit their needs. Whatever the field of expertise or the industry in question, iAdvize identifies and curates profiles according to a rigorous process while remaining flexible and adapting to the brand’s particularities.

Our three selection procedures are detailed in the ibbü guide  How do we select the best ibbü experts?

Here is a summary of the three main selection processes:

  • Connecting with the ibbü community (people who want to join ibbü and are enthusiastic about the industry in question),
  • Prospecting the existing community of the brand,
  • Creating an external sourcing campaign for experts from the industry in question (professionals, bloggers, influencers, etc.

To learn more about the three selection procedures and the selection process of ibbü experts, download the must-read guide How do we select the best ibbü experts? for free.

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