Monster Worldwide uses Click to Chat throughout Europe to increase online sales

Monster Worldwide is the global leader in successfully connecting people with job opportunities. Monster uses the world’s most advanced technology to help people Find Better, matching job seekers to opportunities via digital, social and mobile solutions including®, its flagship website, and employers to the best talent using a vast array of products and services. As an Internet pioneer, more than 200 million people have registered on the Monster Worldwide network. Today, with operations in more than 40 countries, Monster provides the broadest, most sophisticated job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management capabilities globally.

We spoke to David Cole, programme manager at Monster Worldwide for European-wide eCommerce projects. He told us how the iAdvize chat solution has been deployed across Europe and gave us his feedback, one year after the launch of live chat on

What is Monster’s vision of online customer service and how does live chat fit in?

As part of Monster’s vision of customer service we wanted to offer real-time support to the recruiters who visit our website. We wanted to give them the right advice at the right moment so they could find the offers which best met their needs. But we also wanted to give this advice to the right people. iAdvize enables us to target those recruiters looking for specific information about our products.

When did you launch iAdvize on the Monster website ?

iAdvize was first launched on Monster-France’s website, The French experience of the live chat tool was highly positive and it was subsequently recommended to other European countries. I was in charge of ensuring that this deployment process progressed efficiently. We started with the UK, then Germany, the Netherlands and more recently, Sweden. The next country will be Austria, where the iAdvize chat will be implemented before the end of 2013. For each country, we have adapted the targeting rules so they best meet local needs.

Who are the visitors on your website and what kind of questions do they ask?

Our website attracts recruiters, who use Monster’s website to search for their perfect candidate. We have many returning customers who have used Monster for a long time, but we also attract many new customers who need extra guidance through the website. For the most part we try to target the chat solution at new customers, since this is where most assistance is required. They often have questions about our products, conditions and payments, and live chat is perfect for these types of discussions. If we get more technical questions, we prefer to transfer them to the call channel. Sometimes we even get requests from job seekers who have ended up on the recruiters’ website and we use live chat to redirect them to the jobseeker channels.

Who processes and answers the chat requests? How many agents?

This depends on the country. In the UK, there are ten chat representatives working shifts, so there are always two or three chat agents online at all times from 9am to 5pm. These agents are also active on other communication channels, including email and telephone. They are sourced from sales staff but have received specific training on how to best help customers using live chat.

What is your assessment of iAdvize? How was live chat welcomed by your customers and your agents?

Working with iAdvize has been a very positive experience. The live chat solution has been widely embraced by our teams and is also highly beneficial to our customers, helping us give them the best advice at the right time. Since we increased the use of proactive chat discussion we’ve seen an average of nine percent of our chat discussions directly result in orders – an impressive return on investment.

What advice would you give to someone who has just implemented iAdvize?

My advice would be to implement the solution slowly, gradually fine-tuning the settings and rules based on user behaviour. The data and reporting statistics that the iAdvize tool offers make this continual improvement process easy and effective. You will never stop learning!

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