Meet Steve, Enterprise Business Manager in the UK

Building up a brand in a new market is an exciting challenge; the opportunity to have a real impact on a company’s future. At iAdvize, a team of business developers has the mission of convincing companies in new territories to choose our conversational commerce platform to empower their online customer experience strategy. Some of them are based in Nantes (headquarters), the others in their respective target markets: Madrid, Düsseldorf and London. Steve is one of our Enterprise Business Managers based in our London offices in Paddington. He joined us in October 2016. He’ll be the first in a series of interviews with those leading the way to international development. 

Steve, how did your path lead to iAdvize? Where were you before?

I started as a database analyst within a marketing company but soon moved into the sales team as commission was too hard to resist :)

sold data to the marketing industry for six years before moving into media evaluation, heading up the consumer and retail team at a market leader. We had some amazing customers such as IKEA, Unilever and Specsavers to name a few.

From there I moved to a SaaS business selling omni-channel customer journey management before joining iAdvize!

What did you find attractive about working for a French company launching in the UK?

As a software sales person you are always looking to be at the beginning of an upward growth curve and that’s what I saw in iAdvize. The solution is delivered in a form that the market is already familiar with so you don’t have to make the market but the proposition is taking the next step and ever evolving.

When I saw that a large proportion of the headcount at iAdvize is R&D, I was even more interested as another thing that’s great for sales people is having something new to talk to customers about, giving them more tools to help achieve their objectives.

What are you most proud of since you joined the company?

It has to be the customers that we’ve signed and those that are about to join us. Helping our customers to solve key challenges they have and in some cases, completely transform their performance against KPI’s is very satisfying. 

You are part of the UK team and the “Spartans team” *. Can you tell us more about these two teams? Despite being in different countries, what do the Spartans share?

Apart from the immense six packs of course ;-) the Spartans share a lot of traits across the various markets. All of the team are very genuine people who are focused on their results. The support, positivity and desire to always improve is something that is very inspiring and ensures that we move as a team, learning from one another as we go.

What personality traits come in handy when working for a small team setting out in a new market?

In a small team one person can have a big effect on the group dynamic, so it’s essential that when you have a big task such as building a presence in a new market, you have a team that has a positive attitude and a belief that they can achieve their goals.

A good sense of humour and a willingness to have a few beers doesn’t hurt either!

What are the other key ingredients to creating a team spirit in young teams?

I think that sharing the traits above is a good start but also sharing jointly in the successes and failures of the team as a whole helps to build a cohesive team spirt. Having a clear understanding of what the overall team objective is and how you feed in to it helps to form a tighter spirit and unit in my experience. 

Many thanks Steve!

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*The “Spartans team” is the nickname for the international team of Enterprise Business Managers.

Miranda is in charge of internal communications at iAdvize, where she started working 3 years ago, originally as communications officer for the UK market. She has a BA from UCL in languages and a masters degree in translation and communication from the ISIT school in Paris. Although her passport is British, she feels at home on the continent ;-) Intrigued by all things cross-cultural, disruptive and customer service-related.

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