Meet Romain, the ibbü high-tech expert who interacted with 2,000 customers

Romain is 29 and he lives in Paris. He works for a university but is also enthusiastic about technology and an expert in high-tech equipment. His passion led him to the ibbü community, the on-demand pool of experts supporting customer experience and online sales. For the past few months, he has been answering questions from online shoppers on the Grosbill high-tech website. Romain achieved a satisfaction rate of 95% on more than 2,000 chat conversations with customers. 

How did you hear about ibbü?

I heard about ibbü from a Facebook ad. It was an advert inviting Facebook users to become chat agents for Grosbill. I’ve always had a special enthusiasm for everything related to the high-tech sector. I wanted to try this experience!

How did everything start?

I gave my contact details and received a questionnaire based on real-life situations. The questions were not easy and I had to offer supporting arguments for my response to each question. I immediately liked the fact that I had to demonstrate my expertise but not to necessarily demonstrate support  for the most expensive products. This required reflection and research from my side to ensure that I highlighted my capabilities in the best way.

I started chatting as an ibbü expert at the beginning of April after I obtained my self-employment status. At first, I interacted with one online shopper at a time and then two simultaneously within a few days. Now, I can support four visitors at the same time.

How are the conversations with online shoppers?

Most of the questions are related to the material, selecting the right product or compatibility. From time to time, I also receive queries about product guarantees, payment methods, etc.

Sometimes, customers are testing me: “Are you a robot? What time is it?” It’s really nice to get their feedback. Recently, someone told me it was “awesome to have an agent available to answer questions at 23:37”. In general, I’m pretty formal at the beginning of a conversation and, progressively, the conversation becomes more friendly, using emojis for example. Sometimes, I’ve ended a conversation by recommending a game or a high-tech event. It enables customers to have an authentic, human and nice conversation and I think it’s a plus for the brand. It’s a genuine conversation, which is really satisfying.

When do you log in to the ibbü platform?

I log in to the ibbü platform whenever I feel like it. I always chat when I’m home. I think it’s more comfortable to search for information and to better help online shoppers.

Where does this enthusiasm for high-tech come from? How do you keep up with current trends?

I don’t really know how it all started. I just remember I had a really old computer at home and I loved to watch images move and play on the computer. Unlike television, you interact on the Internet, you don’t just consume content. And my enthusiasm grew with the arrival of new products. Today, I have my own system: I installed my own computer; I’m constantly learning from specialised websites and I have subscriptions to the most important magazines. I know all about what is newly launched and what is trendy.

That’s what I also like about ibbü: sharing my enthusiasm with people while earning some additional income.

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