How to Maximize Online Sales during Black Friday

Black Friday is back this week! It will, once again, kick off the Christmas shopping frenzy period as 44% of shoppers are planning to snag promotions on November 29 while 53% will also rely on Cyber Monday for discounts¹. And this season is forecasted to be driven by online shopping: retailers’ digital sales are predicted to amount to $144-149 billion, eCommerce sales are expected to grow between 14 and 18 percent with an average $879 spent by shoppers online². Proof of its success, Black Friday has extended over several days, until Cyber Monday (December 2 this year) which is becoming even more popular.

According to McKinsey, a majority of shoppers across the globe will shop online. Therefore, the competition will be intense for eCommerce websites which will have to battle to catch the buyers’ attention. The millions of connected consumers will represent as many sales opportunities not to miss for brands during this highly critical promotional period. But Black Friday also holds its share of illusions. Not all consumers finalize their purchase, even if they are interested in your products and attractive deals. Let’s see how to maximize your chances to achieve a successful holiday season starting with a triumphant Black Friday!

Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

About 70% of shopping carts filled online are abandoned by shoppers before being converted into actual purchases, according to a global study conducted by the Baymard Institute. We recently analyzed the reasons for the phenomenon and summed up our results in an infographic. According to our statistics:

  • Information overload is the first factor for cart abandonment. 83% of people who abandoned a purchase were overwhelmed by the available choice.
  • Low-quality information is the second cause of cart abandonment. 53% of online shoppers abandon their purchase because they are insecure about their item choice;
  • Mistrust is the third reason why shoppers don’t finalize an online purchase as 47% of them declare questioning the authenticity of the information available online.
  • Finally, a negative customer experience is the last area for improvement. 65% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand if they have a good experience.

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How can we make sure that visitors are better engaged and informed? By providing an optimal customer experience. Setting up an ecosystem of engagement tools and offering an immediate and permanent point of contact by sharing online conversations, you will provide decisive purchasing support. Using a conversational platform combined with a targeting strategy defined in advance according to consumer behavior (number of pages viewed, time spent on the website, category of products consulted, etc.) can help you engage with visitors representing high added value for your brand. A chat invitation allows your brand to share tips and advice while favoring the conversion from simple visitor to buyer.

Thus, the implementation of a conversational strategy can help your teams handle the volume of contacts while providing crucial information preventing a maximum of very costly customer returns.

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Prepare your Website and Teams for the Big Rush

The status and extent of Black Friday have quickly converted the promotional day into a week, even a month of transactions taking more and more importance until Christmas day. Shoppers expect eCommerce website to be agile because they don’t want to miss a single deal! Hence, the need to technically prepare your platform as well as your teams for the massive phenomenon.

  • Launch your communication campaigns several weeks in advance and use social media to mobilize your followers;
  • Analyze your traffic before Black Friday to segment your audience, and define a strategy in order to provide messaging support to high value-added visitors;
  • Develop a seamless customer experience across all channels;
  • Set up a plan to inform your visitors in advance of depleted stocks;
  • Mobilize your teams, not only on Black Friday but over the whole period, from the previous Thursday to Cyber Monday;
  • Similarly, make sure you have enough resources to manage after-sales support in the following weeks and provide a great experience to your (new) customers;
  • Offer purchasing support in real-time, via messaging, at scale, especially during peak traffic periods, early in the morning, at lunch, and until late at night.

Here is how the volume of contacts received by our customers evolved on Black Friday during the 2018 Edition:

The number of contacts handled via chat doubled (+82%) compared to the traditional volume recorded on an average Friday, and the expected peaks were confirmed, particularly outside business hours. If you want to make sure that you do not miss any sales opportunities when your agents are unavailable, there is one solution: team up with freelance savvy enthusiasts from the ibbü community. More than 255 experts were logged in to our platform to advise online shoppers during the 2018 edition.

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On Your Marks!

Have you prepared your strategy in advance and implemented all the solutions to provide a great customer experience? Then, Black Friday 2019 will be a successful edition! Our customers’ performance is concrete evidence.

  • An average 19% conversion rate following a conversation, +50% compared to an average Friday;
  • a turnover multiplied by 6 for our high-tech customers compared to an average Friday;
  • 90% customer satisfaction rate (CSAT).


This 2019 edition could set new records.

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Photo: redcharlie on Unsplash

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