Marmara invites its community of “Marmaraddicts” to chat with other visitors

To begin the summer on an innovative note, Marmara has decided to give its online visitors and customers a brand new chat support experience: they can now chat with brand advocates as well as professional agents via iAdvize’s solution.

Vanessa Demeyre, Head of Marmara (TUI France)’s websites, tells us what her vision of this new community chat solution is. She emphasizes the importance of combining community chat with traditional customer support chat to maintain excellent customer service.

Which issues does Marmara’s online customer service team most frequently deal with?

The most frequent questions we get from our online customers are related to “production issues”, i.e questions about the availability of a travel deal, prices etc. Then, there are often questions about the payment terms and conditions. Finally, there are the questions about the different destinations. This is where we call upon our community, “the Marmaraddicts”, to share their experience and help us as much as they can. It’s in this context that we use community chat.

Why did you implement community chat on the Marmara website?

Visitors on our website are already able to chat with our team of professional customer support agents. We have a team of chat agents on shifts to ensure maximum availability of the channel during opening hours.

But thanks to the “missed opportunities” statistics available from within the iAdvize solution, it has become obvious that it would be extremely beneficial to offer chat support in the evenings and during the weekends. This is precisely when our community of advocates are available and active, in particular on social networks.

With community chat, we can provide chat support on our website at all times and thereby, increase the real-time contact rate with our visitors.


Why did you choose iAdvize’s Community Messaging solution?

We already use iAdvize’s professional chat solution (Click to Chat). Therefore, it made complete sense to call upon the same provider for community chat. This means we benefit from global chat results and provide visitors with a coherent chat experience on the Marmara website.

How will you recruit your brand advocates?

We have some very loyal and active customers on forums and social networks. They are what we call “Marmaraddicts”. We know them quite well because our Community Managers are often in contact with them.

With the help of iAdvize’s team of Community Messaging experts, we will first recruit 15 experts, who are familiar with the brand and enjoy sharing their feedback. They will be able to get used to the tool.

We want to deploy community chat gradually. We are very much aware that on some topics, the community is better suited to answer. We also believe that by implementing this kind of support, we will reinforce our credibility by showing that Marmara is not only a vendor, but also a brand that encourages exchange and listens.


How do you organise the monitoring of your community?

It is the same as for professional chat. From iAdvize’s supervision tool, we can supervise community experts and communicate with them. We can see visitor satisfaction in real-time and over any period of time, as a whole or for each advocate. We can also access a variety of KPIs such as conversion rate, average handling time, etc…

Although we do look at these indicators, we trust our “Marmaraddicts” to provide excellent advice!

With the implementation of community chat, what are your main objectives?

We have two main objectives. The first is to improve customer satisfaction. This is easy to assess thanks to the satisfaction surveys that are sent to visitors at the end of a chat; the second objective is to optimise the incremental turnover that community chat can potentially provide.

ocus sur les Marmaraddicts avec Matthieu, Social Media Manager de TUI France

Who are the “Marmaraddicts”? Matthieu, Social Media Manager at TUI France introduces us…

The “Marmaraddicts” are originally Marmara’s clients. They are very active on social networks where they exchange about our travel deals. In 2009, we decided to bring them together by creating a virtual club. It all took off from there!

Some of them are big fans of a specific Marmara resort, they go back every year. Others like to discover a new place every time. The community of Marmaraddicts is not a homogenous group but they all share the enthusiasm for the experience that comes with a Marmara holiday. They love talking about their holidays and sharing their feedback with others.

Obviously, their is no obligation for them to be active within this community. It’s up to them whether they decide to share information and advice with other customers and help them prepare their vacation. It is key to us that Marmaraddicts are able to share their experience freely. They might not like every aspect of their Marmara holiday, that should not frighten us but help us to grow.

When we invited them to take part in community chat, the Marmaraddicts were really happy. They felt like their loyalty was being recognized, it reinforced their sense of belonging to the brand community and helps us show them that we value their contribution!

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